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We were blessed to be able to attend Lego KidsFest 1 1/2 years ago when they came to Michigan, the kids had so much fun and knew what there was to enjoy this year so they were extra excited to be able to attend again and even convinced one of their neighbor friends to attend with us!!

Our trip starts with a 2 1/2 hour trip to Novi on the other side of the state, with 6 kids. This year we were able to being the neighbor girl with us, which Cody, Anthony, and Ethan were VERY happy about. We always bring lots of healthy snacks, games, toys, books and more for the kids to use for the long car ride, and they all do pretty good with longer car trips now.

If you have never been to Lego KidsFest and have any children that are even a little interested in Lego Bricks you need to check it out when it comes to a town near you. They have a 3 acre area FULL of Lego Brick creations and just about every kind of Lego Bricks to play with, it is really Lego Brick Heaven. They have many different things for kids of all ages to do including Duplo Lego Bricks for the younger kids, they have characters all over built from Lego Bricks, Lego Brick building games, Lego Brick Mindstorm (Robotics), prizes for the kids, Master Builder courses, and So much more. You can read more and see pictures about what they offer each year in my post from this year, or last year with the Giveaway of Lego KidsFest tickets.

They also have some great safety measures in place to help kids who might get lost in the busyness of the KidsFest. They have a lost child tent where parents can get a card with their parents phone number on it for the children who don’t know their parents phone numbers. They keep it in their pocket if they do get separated from their parents.

After last year when we lost Ethan and Cody once we decided this was a great idea. We had no one get lost this year because of the buddy system and keeping at least 1 adult on Ethan all the time since he will just dart off somewhere without waiting for anyone. But it was great to know if they did get separated they had a card in their pockets with our phone numbers!!


The Lego Brick Piles are always a favorite for the kids, the Duplo bricks for the younger boys are always great.


Ethan enjoyed the big pile of regular Lego Bricks this year, he sat here for quite some time building things!

photo 5 photo 6 photo 7

photo 3

They also have pirate hats for the little kids in the Duplo area every year.

What a perfect thing to add with the pirate hats, Jake And The Neverland Pirates Duplo Lego Brick ship.


Cinderella’s carriage made of Duplo Lego Bricks, perfect spot for pictures.P1120798

One of the kids favorite things is to get their pictures taken with the very large Lego Brick statues. Gabe decided to make a face just like the character 🙂



Woody and Buzz Lightyear is always a favorite!!


Even though he doesn’t look it, Cody was very excited to see that they even had characters from Lord Of The Rings!!




photo 1


photo 4

They even had Disney Princess for the girls to get pictures taken with.


In the middle of the isles they have some really amazing creations. One of their favorite ones was the Wild West.


Of course Gabe spotted every train in each of the set ups 😉 !


This one had a helicopter flying around the top and cars driving back and forth.


Ethan had a really hard time with all of the people and noises so Jake took him around for the first hour while me and Dustin took the other kids around. After he settled in a little he decided to join everyone, and I was able to finally get some pictures with him.



The kids really enjoyed making vehicles to race down the ramps!








Lego Friends was also a BIG favorite for all of the kids, they really enjoyed building houses and playing!







Creation Nation was a stop I made with Cody, Anthony, and Kendal while Jake and the other boys went and stood in line for the Mindstorms robotics. They use individual Lego Bricks to make designs to add to the Creation Nation wall.



Cody ended up making a tree to add on the Creation Nation wall.


Cody putting his tree onto the Creation Nation wall.



Dustin, Ethan, Gabe, and Jake all enjoyed the Mindstorm robotic sets they had for the kids to try out. They only had 3 minutes at each spot without directions, so it was a little difficult for them with a group it would have been better for them to each go individually.



The Challenge Zone was a fun area, we had a few minutes to build faces. Everyone got a prize for participating which was nice for the kids! P1120885



photo 8

We had another amazing time, and were very blessed to be able to share this event again with you this year!! We will be watching out for the next event in MI.

Lego KidsFest is still going on in other towns around the country, stop over to their website and check out if they will be stopping at a town near you!

Disclaimer: We were provided with tickets to the Lego KidsFest in Michigan in exchange for our honest opinions through US Family Guides we were not compensated in any other way. All opinions are those of my children or myself. For more information please read my full disclosure policy.

Thank you for sharing!!


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