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Our Mother Goose Time Curriculum theme for last month was butterflies and bees. We spent the first 2 weeks of our unit studying and learning all about bee’s. The second 2 weeks were spent learning about butterflies. Once of the topics we learned about was the lifecycle of a butterfly, today I am going to share with you the project we did to learn all about the lifecycle of a butterfly.


Materials Needed For Lifecycle Of A Butterfly Craft

  • Paper Plate
  • Small Piece of Crepe Paper
  • Black Fine Tipped Marker
  • Lifecycle Labels
  • Beans
  • Crayons or Markers

First we started out gluing the labels on our plate, and adding lines so that the kids knew how big their drawings could be for each lifecycle.


Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly


After our labels were on, we drew a leaf onto our egg life stage.Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly


after our leaf was drawn, we glued a bean onto the leaf to represent an egg on the leaf.

Next we drew a face on one of the beans for the face of our caterpillar. Gabe added 4 beans for his caterpillar and Ethan added 3 for his.Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly

Next was the chrysalis stage, we wrapped a couple beans in crepe paper glued it shut and then glued it onto our paper plate.

Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly-24


Lastly was the butterfly stage. The kids drew a face on their butterflies and glued 3 beans on for the butterfly body. Ethan colored his butterfly right away but Gabe decided to wait until  his glue was dry before drawing his on.

Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly

I think they turned out wonderful and the kids were so proud of them!! Here is Gabe’s lifecycle plate.


Ethan’s lifecycle plate.Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly Lifecycle-Of-A-Butterfly

We also attended the yearly event of the Butterflies at Fredrick Meijer Gardens again this year where the kids got to get up close and personal to see the lifecycle of a butterfly.

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