Living Room Renovation

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Jake has been off of work this past week on a much needed vacation. One of our goals for his time off was to do some home renovations, and pull up the carpet in our living room, then pull up the wood floor underneath and put down new flooring like we did in the other areas on the main floor. Our living room carpet was put in when we purchased our house now 5 years ago, lets just say 5 years of carpet with 6 kids and it was an off white color, it was trashed! Not real sure what I was thinking when I picked off white carpet with at that time 5 kids, but I won’t make that mistake again!!

When we pulled up the carpet and found a surprise, the wood floor underneath was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be not anything like the other rooms hardwood floors that we ended up having to take out. So instead of replacing the floor we ended up pulling the carpet up and just leaving the hardwood floor underneath, we will eventually refinish the hardwood floors in the living room and the dining room.

Here is Dustin picking up toys found under the couch, and Jake starting to pull up the floor. You can see there are stains all over the carpet, you would never imagine that we get our carpets cleaned every year and clean it ourselves every couple months…

The first row of carpet pulled up, and some pretty pictures that were drawn on the walls, thank goodness for Mr. Clean Erasers!!
Dustin worked on helping to get all the staples and little nails in the floor out.
Anthony helped to scrape up some spots that had glue on them.
Jake showing Dustin an easier way to get the staples out of the floor, and Anthony deciding it is much more fun to pull the staples out instead of scraping the glue from the floor 🙂

Like I said the flooring underneath was in pretty good condition except for a spot that had some glue on it.
Here is the finished living room, before the rug.
Another view of the finished floor in the living room.
The kids play area upstairs, that is behind the couch.
The finished living room with the rug! I am so happy we no longer have to deal with the carpet!  The kids love the fact that the entire main floor is now hardwood floors and they can ride the plasma car, scooter, and tricycle all around the house now!!
If you look carefully in this picture you can actually see the line between the dining room and the living room. The hardwood floor in the dining room has none of the top coating on the floor left, but the living room has quite a bit left. Making a big difference in the 2 floors.

This is one of our home renovations that I am very happy with! Eventually we will do some flooring restoration and refinish the floor, but for now it is so much better then the carpet so I’m happy!!

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  1. Jacob Walter says:

    This looks to be a fun project. It is nice to see that most of the kids got involved. Nice work Nicole!!

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