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Vocabulary is a subject I feel is very important to teach children, it helps create confident readers and helps children read and comprehend better at higher grade levels. Vocabulary is weaved into many areas of everyday life from reading to speaking and even understanding other that are talking to you.

Lone Star Learning is a company that offers some very unique vocabulary cards, making learning vocabulary fun and easy for children and very easy to teach for parents/ teachers. It takes the struggle out of teaching vocabulary, and offers such an appealing and memorable way that not only did the kids love practicing vocabulary, but even I loved using them as well! Each of their vocabulary cards contains a picture that is the meaning of each of the vocabulary words.

One of the great features of these cards is that they are not arranged by grade level, so in set 1, 2,  or 3, you can use some of the cards for older students and other cards for your younger students. This is great for parents teaching different grade levels.

We were given the opportunity to review the Target Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 (math)~Small Cards. One of the things that my children struggle with in math, is remembering all the definitions of the words they are learning. Using these cards makes it so easy for kids and even parents to remember the definitions of different math words.

I have used these cards a couple different ways, first I made & printed off my own definitions and then played a memory game with the older kids, this has been a fun and great way to practice math vocabulary for them. With the younger kids we are taking the words we are learning in math for the week, and just working on those cards, it is really helping the younger kids to have picture associations with each of the words and helped them pick up on so much more of the vocabulary words.

The Target Vocabulary Pictures, offers set 1,2,3 & Primary Levels, it comes in 2 different sizes

$58.99 ~ Large Cards ~ 11″x8 1/2″
$29.99 ~ Small Cards ~ 5.5″x4.25″

Because of a shipping mistake, the company was wonderful enough to let us keep both sets of cards, so we were also given the Science Target Vocabulary Pictures, Set 1 ~ For these cards we are taking out any of the cards that have something to do with our unit studies, or science lessons and learning those words.

For example we are working on Antarctica Unit Study the past few weeks and we have been using the cards for blizzard, precipitation, winter, conifer, and deciduous.

Science Vocabulary Picture Cards ~

$29.99 ~ Science Vocabulary Picture Cards offer sets 1-4 (40 Cards in each set)
$58.99 ~ Science Vocabulary Picture Cards K-2 (82 Cards in this set)

Lone Star Learning offers quite a few different Vocabulary Picture Cards on their site in a few different subjects areas.

What did we think of Lone Star Learning Vocabulary Pictrue Cards?
I have to say we LOVED learning using both sets of Vocabulary Picture Cards. My kids usually very loudly complain when I tell them to do vocabulary each day they just don’t like it, using these cards for our Vocabulary M-F has actually made my kids excited to do Vocabulary every day and I have heard no more complaints since using the Vocabulary Picture Cards.

The cards are very sturdy, colorful, and will easily hold up to the use of children. The pictures on the cards are colorful as well, and the children pick up the definitions quite fast from the visual recall from using the pictures. I was amazed at the speed that the kids could remember some pretty difficult words for some of my younger kids. I will be purchasing more of these card in the future without a doubt!! I have never seen a better way to teach children vocabulary and have been so pleased to see such a change in the attitude towards vocabulary in my children!

One thing that these cards have been particularly helpful with is teaching vocabulary words to Cody my dyslexic kiddo. I have learned through years of working and learning about dyslexia that dyslexic kiddos learn best when having a picture to associate a word with. I have found this to be very true with Cody, he can sit and study a word and it’s definition for weeks and still not know what the meaning of the word is, but when he used the Lone Star Learning Vocabulary Picture Cards he would barley need to practice each of the cards before he picked up the meaning.

I would recommend these to any parent or teacher looking to teach your children vocabulary for any of the subjects they offer. Your children/students will lean their vocabulary words at an amazing rate because their vocabulary cards memorable picture associations of words they have made learning fun and very easy for kids. They offer well made quality cards that will hold up to quite a bit of use, even without being laminated!

To see what fellow crew members had to say about other Vocabulary Cards and the Target The Question Digital.


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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