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If you follow us on Social Media you will have seen that we went on a vacation. This year we decided to head up to the UP of Michigan we were about 2 hours north of the bridge in Newberry, MI. That is about a 5 hour drive from our house and is a beautiful place that is really “unplugged” from the world (from the Mackinac Bridge you do not get any cell phone signal) and internet is well really slow if it works at all… It was a great way to get away from everything for 4 FULL days and spend some amazing family time together!

After 3 hours of driving the kids were ready to stop and stretch and get their energy out for a little while, so we decided what better place to stop then Colonial Michilimackinac State Park and play in Lake Huron, only in Michigan could the kids in the end play in 3 different great lakes on 1 trip!!

Ever wondered what a 12 passenger van packed up with 8 peoples things for 4 FULL days looks like? Well today is your lucky day 🙂 It was a crowded ride but we were blessed with a cabin with a fully equipped kitchen so we only planned going out to eat 2 out of 12 meals which means extra things had to be packed.


P1070865 (1)

Our first stop was getting off at Mackinac City and stopping at Colonial Michilimicakinac State park, the kids were able to use the bathrooms, run, and even play in Lake Huron for a little bit. It is a beautiful state park that was the perfect stop and stretch right next to the Mackinac Bridge.


The beautiful view from the park.






Image 19




The boys had lots of fun skipping rocks in the lake.






Image 22


Back on the road again crossing the Mackinac Bridge and some of the beautiful scenery you can see while crossing.



After we left the state park we drove for another 2 hours before getting to Newberry, MI and unloaded into our cabin that was able to sleep all of us and had a fully equipped kitchen to cook meals from. The Halfway Lake Resort was a place we will be staying at again in the future!

After we unpacked we made dinner for everyone while the kids explored and looked around. We ate and then the kids went boating around the private lake, me and Jake were ready all ready to go out with the 2 younger boys and we noticed that Ethan had a BIG cut on his toe. Upon further looking at it we realized that the whole tip of his toe was almost all the way cut off, we quickly realized that this was 1 that was going to involve a trip to the ER.

****WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURE BELOW**** If you do not like blood and yucky pictures you won’t want to read any further!!!

He was such a trooper, and was even smiling on the ride to the ER.

Image 20

Image 21
Here is the nasty picture of his toe on the way to the ER. Couldn’t believe that stubbing your toe on a tree root could have done this.

A couple bits of information about this incident first off we later found out that he had cut his toe on a tree root sticking out of the ground while we were making dinner and because he cannot feel pain it didn’t even hurt him so he never said anything about it to us. Second off Cody was right next to him and seen it happen and just told him to go tell mom and dad that was it (gotta love Asperbergers) which he never did. Third off getting a child who has major sensory issues to let anyone touch him especially to something everyone is telling his is hurt, not fun, and it involves both parents helping…

While we were at the ER they barely numbed his toe and ended up having to cut the skin off because there were not many blood vessels connected any more. While I felt horrible that they had to do that I knew if he would have gotten stitches in it then he wouldn’t be able to get his toe wet while on vacation at all.

He was so brave and let them cut the skin off and sat there with tears pouring down his face, talk about a way to break a parents heart… With his sensory issues we went from him not feeling the pain at first and now is very sensitive about it and it took us over an hour just to get him soak it the other night.

Stop back next week I will be sharing the second day of our trip which was spent going down the river in the Toonerville Trolley Riverboat Ride and then visiting the Tahquamenon Falls, another beautiful stop on the UP of Michigan.

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