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I have been on the lookout for a math program for Anthony to use, he is one of my easy going kiddos but finding the right math program for him has been difficult. So when given the opportunity to review Math Mammoth for the Schoolhouse Review Crew I was excited to try the program for him.

Math Mammoth offer inexpensive but comprehensive math curriculum for parents/homeschoolers/teachers that is aligned to common core standards. They offer their currency in grade 1,2, and 3 for currencies in the U.S., Canadian, British, European, and Australian money. We were given the 3rd grade level of the Light Blue Series and have been using it with Anthony for the last 6 weeks as a full time math curriculum.

Grade 3 ~ Light Blue Series ~ Math Mammoth

One of the things that is different about Math Mammoth is that children will work for a longer period of time on 1 topic instead of working on review from many topics and then doing the work on the lessons learned for the day. The Math Mammoth Light Blue Series offers a complete curriculum for students in grades 1-6. Each grade focuses more on a few topics for the kids to work on for the year, making it easy to work on any topic you choose instead of working from the beginning to the end of the book like a usual math program. They also include other topics to make sure your student gets a well rounded and complete math curriculum!

Math Mammoth consists of 2 different student workbooks (A & B) Each chapter takes longer to go through then most math chapters as your student will learn about a concept and then dig into further understanding of the concept. Each of the lessons are between 2 and 4 pages long, so some of the lessons your student will be able to complete in just 1 day and there are other lessons that are more difficult and will take your student a few days to go through.

The program has review, tests, answer keys, and all the manipulative your student will need for the program. They offer 2 different ways to get your curriculum a downloadable PDF (what we reviewed) they also offer the workbooks printed for you to purchase, if you don’t want to have to print your own pages out. They also give you lots of online resources for your students to be able to practice on different math skills.

In the 3rd grade level students focus on a few main concepts

  • To develop and understanding of multiplication and division of whole numbers ~ including word problems using multiplication and division and differentiating between the two. They learn the multiplication tables, and learn how to use their knowledge of multiplication tables to solve basic division facts.
  • Beginning to understanding of fractions ~ using visual fraction models and number lines
  • Learn the concepts of area and perimeter ~ learn to relate area to multiplication and addition, recognize perimeter, and solve problems involving area and perimeter.
  • Add and subtract within 1,000 mentally and in columns ~ Add and Subtract 4-digit numbers.

There are 10 different chapters in the Grade 3 Math Mammoth series they are:

  1. Subtraction
  2. Multiplication Concepts
  3. Multiplication Tables
  4. Time
  5. Money
  6. Place Value With Thousands
  7. Geometry
  8. Measuring
  9. Division
  10. Fractions

What comes with a grade level set from the Light Blue Series?

  • Both Student Workbooks ~ part A and part B
  • Answer Key
  • Tests
  • Reviews
  • Extra Practice Pages
  • Manipulatives
  • Links to fun games to practice math skills

What Did We Thing Of Grade 3 ~ Light Blue Series ~ Math Mammoth?

Like I said Anthony has been using the Math Mammoth program for the last 6 weeks as a full time math curriculum. He has been very happy with this program, I actually think that we have found the perfect math program for him! He is one of my kiddos that would rather have his math page right in front of him to work on instead of working on the computer.

I love the fact that the curriculum is so comprehensive and yet so affordable! You have the choice to purchase the workbooks or you can print the pages off yourself. We were able to print the pages off inexpensively using our inexpensive printing idea, I stapled the whole chapter together. Some days he did a whole lesson and some lessons took a few days to go through depending on the difficulty of each of the lessons. This was a huge help in not making him feel overwhelmed and having to do tons of pages of hard work all the time!

I looked through both student workbooks A & B and I really feel that they have a comprehensive program containing all the concepts your 3rd grader needs to know. The fact they offer currency for a bunch of different countries makes it easy for parents all around the world to use this math program as their main math problem.

What Is The Cost Of Grade 3 ~ Light Blue Series ~ Math Mammoth?

$34.00 ~ For the Light Blue Series ~ Grade 3 ~ PDF Download ~ This contains everything you need for an entire year of math.

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Thank you for sharing!!


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