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Our discussion this month for Mother Goose Time Ambassador’s is using math in everyday learning of Mother Goose Time. So today I am going to share just some of the very many ways math is found in our daily learning for preschool.

Mother Goose Time offers many different ways for children to learn simple math concepts, all using hands on learning ideas. There are some items that are sent to you every month for math practice, as well as different items that are sent on different months. To see what items come every month in your monthly shipment, read our first Mother Goose Time post for a full list.

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Manipulative’s ~ Every month included in our Mother Goose Time shipment, we receive 2 different manipulates to be used for different learning ideas through out the month. These have been a wonderful hands on way to practice many different number concepts. Mother Goose Time Math

The balancing moon we have used to sort by size and color, count, stack and more.

Outer Space Learning Ideas

The monkeys were fun to count and skip count with, and of course hanging them on things  😉 !


We used the foam stars to make constellations and then we sorted them by size and color, made them into groups of 5 (since we were learning to count by 5’s in math), and we also counted them all.




Calendar ~ We learn many different math concepts from our calendar daily. First off we count from the first day of the month all the way up to the current day. If you notice each month’s numbers have pictures on them that make a pattern, which we go over every day and we try to guess what shape should come next for the day before we add it to the calendar.IMG_1418


Preschool Calendar Time

Board Games ~ Every month we receive a board game in whatever theme we are doing for the month. These games many times will teach counting, taking turns, shapes, numbers, and many other great concepts.IMG_2028 IMG_2029


Shape Mats ~ Some months we have received shape mats to use, this has been fun for teaching patterns and 1-1 correspondence. P1150428

P1150443 P1150818 P1150822

Story Problem Card ~ Another item we receive every month is story problem cards that are to be used with one of our manipulative. They even have a more advanced problem for the older kids. These are wonderful for teaching story problem practice.

Each month the kids get a new graph for the to fill in. This is teaching them graphing skills in a fun hands on way.P1150981 P1160103 P1160105

Monthly Journals ~ In our monthly journals we have some fun activities to practice the numbers that we are learning for the month. This particular month the kids had to figure add 15 finger prints to their hand tracings and figure out how many to put into each finger. Not only did they practice counting but they also practiced decision making and problem solving skills.P1160106 P1160109

They also practice writing the numbers at the bottom of the page where they have a few for the kids to trace and a few spots for them to practice writing on their own.

Pattern Cards ~ Each month we receive pattern cards for the kids to continue on a pattern they provide, but then I have each of the boys make their own pattern using the pattern cards.P1160275 P1160286
P1160616 P1160621

This month for Blast off Into Space unit, the boys cut out number cards and placed the correct number of clouds (AKA cotton balls) onto each of the number cards.
IMG_0590 IMG_0588

P1160175 P1160177
Sensory Bins ~ During some months we make fun sensory bin items, during this time the kids will measure out ingredients and we talk about measurements.

Measuring while making moon rocks for our blast off to space unit.


During our garden theme we used bean seeds and counted them on a number line.Garden Counting

For our rainforest unit the boys loved getting log envelopes with frogs, numbers, and symbols they were able to make their own math problems using the frogs on their logs. They loved being able to store their frogs and numbers inside their own envelopes.

What are some ways you add learning math into your preschoolers everyday learning? Leave a comment letting me know I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time blog ambassador I am provided with the curriculum at no cost to me. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. For more information see my full disclosure.

Thank you for sharing!!


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