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I am aware of how important children being able to quickly recall their math facts is for children, it makes learning upper level math so much easier! So when given the opportunity to review Math Rider for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, a fun way for students to review addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all in 1 fun game I knew this would be something that the kids and myself would really enjoy!

Math rider was created by a parent that was watching his children fail ¬†at math in school and couldn’t find any good math games to help them. So he created his own math training game for his children. As time went on neighbors, friends, and family started seeing the improvements that his children were making, since then 2 years later he has brought in teachers, psychologists, and school principles to help make the best possible math game for students!

In the Math Rider game your student will start their quest in the Land Of Ray, riding their trusty horse Shadow. They will choose what type of math problems their quest will focus on (subtraction, addition, multiplication, or division) Each of the different math skills has 4 different quests your child can go on ranging from easy to mastery, in each of the different quests will earn your student different rewards along their journey and a special reward once they finish a level. While on their quest in the game your student will find magical flowers to heal their grandma, help elves return gems, and even rescue a princess!

Something that makes this program unique is that your student will not have to worry about controlling their person through the game, they will only have to concentrate on answering each of the math equations. Your horse will ride through the area and the math equations will show up at the top of the screen, your students job is to answer the question before their horse gets to the problem so their horse can jump over the barricades and continue along on their journey.

Each answer your child gives in the program is recorded, using this information the program will tailor the questions for your student giving them practice on the problems they struggle with, which means they will not spend time answering the questions they already have mastered but only practice questions that they are in need of practicing.

Here is a short video about Math Rider to give you an overview of the program:

What Did We Think Of & How We Used Math Rider?
Anthony (9) and Cody (11) have both been using Math Rider for the past 6 weeks 4-5 days a week. They have really been enjoying this program and it has been working wonderfully to help them master their math skills! I think this game would be perfect for children of any age to practice key math facts! My boys will be continuing to use this program well after the review period to work on mastering all their math facts 0-12!
Sitting down and working on problems is not a way most of my boys pick up learning, they learn best doing hands on learning or visually watching something. Math Rider helps with this and has made a fun game for kids to play that teaches them how to quickly answer simple math problem! I love that there is not just 1 type of problems but 4 different operations, that they have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division all in one program, making it great for many of my children! The fact that the program tailors the questions with how they are answering them is just great, I know they will not be wasting their time completing math facts that they already know!
I am very happy with the fact that the program can be installed on both Mac and Windows computers since we have both, it can be installed on up to 3 computers which is great for when I have multiple students wanting to use the program at once! I also love the fact that all of my children can make their own game and I do not have to pay individually for each of the kids to use the program. The price is amazing and even allows lifetime updates which is wonderful!!
For the price and how qucikly your child will learn to recall their math facts makes this an amazing program to add to any home! Sign up for your FREE fully featured trial of Math Rider to get your child on the path to quickly recall math facts while having fun!
What Is The Cost Of Math Rider?
You can purchase your own copy of Math Rider for only $47 for life! You will get access to all the new updates that are available for the program!!
7 Day Full Featured FREE Trial of Math Rider to get a trial of the program. Enter your email address on this page and they will send you a registration code good for a 7 day FREE trial of Math Rider.
They also offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee ~ Because the creators of Math Rider are so sure your child will be happy with the Math Rider program, if for ANY reason you or your child are not satisfied with the program in 30 days, contact them within 30 days for a FULL refund of your purchase price!

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