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When we reviewed Math-U-See years ago I fell in love with the program. It was able to teach my daughter math concepts that she was really struggling to pick up. Math became a subject she dreaded doing, until she did Math-U-See. Since then it has been the only math program we have used for all of our kids. I even have our high school students take the Stewardship class for their 4th year of high school math to understand savings, interest, how to balance a checking account, and more.


The Math-U-See curriculum is a little different then most math curriculums, the way they work things is that each level focuses on one main topic. They teach it step by step making sure that kids master the topic before moving onto another topic. The early level books want students to memorize the basic facts and apply them to everyday life using word problems. This helps build a strong foundation for kids before they move onto higher level math concepts, and in my opinion makes a world of difference for them!!

There are many different things I love about this program that are unique and make it our FAVORITE after quite a few years of trying MANY different math curriculums.

  • Multi-Sensory Program: One of the main reasons that we love Math-U-See so much is because it is multi sensory and teaches kids of every type of learning styles. I have 6 children that I have to teach and each of them learns differently then another. Some of them learn from reading, others need hands on learning, still others need visual learning. Finding a math program that covers every one of these learning styles was impossible, and purchasing many different programs to cover each of these learning styles is ridiclous. Math-U-See offers lessons that cover every learning style which is one of a kind and amazing as far as I’m concerned!
  • Independent Lessons: Each of the lessons can be done by the student independently. I facilitate them watching the lessons, taking the tests, look over their work each day, and make sure that the grading is done and recorded and that is it. Since we Homeschool 6 kiddos, this is a huge blessing not having to actually teach each of them math class every day. There is even enough instruction to where the kids have not needed any further explaining or help in any of their lessons in 3 years of using the program!
  • Great For Many Different Styles of Homeschooling: Math-U-See is great for many different types of education styles which includes Charlotte Mason, traditional, classical, relaxed/unschooling, unit studies, and even regular traditional classrooms.

Math-U-See Digital Packs

Math-U-See has added a new thing to their program, a digital pack. While we have used the Math-U-See program for years now, I had not been able to try the digital guide to the program yet. For the review though, we were given access to it for 12 months, so I will give you a look into what is included in their digital packs.

This is a great resource for families who would rather do things digitally. Included in your digital pack you will have 12 months access to all of the video lessons for the level you purchased, lesson summaries, lesson solutions, test solutions, and a free printable record keeping sheet. So really you have access to everything you would get in the physical program except the workbook, and tests. I think this is really great to help to keep those DVD’s from getting scratched!!

What’s included In the Math-U-See Algebra 1 Universal Set?


We received the Algebra 1 Universal set for our review. Here is a look into what is included with this set.

  • Instruction Manual with complete solutions.
  • Instruction DVD.
  • Student Workbook and Test Booklet.
  • Integer Block Kit.
  • Algebra/Decimal Inserts.
  • 12 Months access to the NEW Algebra 1 Digital Pack.

What A Week Of Math-U-See Looks Like


Let me give you an overview of how the week of using Algebra 1 or any other level of Math-U-See look like for us. Students start by watching the lesson, all of the lessons are taught by Steve who created the program with his wife (he is simply an amazing teacher). The way he teaches the lessons is amazing, fun, and done in a way that you kids will really understand what is being taught to them!

There are 3 or 4 days of work pages 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, 1-F, and 1-G each lessons number changes but the letters all remain the same. Lessons 1-A-1-C are all lessons that review what was taught in that lesson, lessons 1-D, 1-E, 1-F are all review lessons that review different concepts learned in this book. Lesson 1-G is an extra lesson that my kids will do sometimes and other times they will not do this page.

As long as my kids are understanding the concepts being taught in the lesson they will work on page 1-A and 1-D on Monday, 1-B and 1-E on Tuesday, 1-C and 1-E on Wednesday, on Thursday they will take the test to make sure they have mastered the concepts. If they want to do lesson 1-F they will do that on Friday, or if they need more help with the lesson we would do that on Friday as well. Depending on what their score for their test was and if they have mastered the topic will decide if they will move onto the next lesson on the next Monday or not.

Math-U-See-Algebra-Review-7 Math-U-See-Algebra-Review-7 Math-U-See-Algebra-Review-7 Math-U-See-Algebra-Review-7


You can head over to the Math-U-See website to purchase any of the sets they have, they offer math in every level and even the stewardship math class.

Math-U-See Giveaway

Today I am so happy to be able to offer you a giveaway for a Math-U-See universal set for whatever level you want, offered from Math-U-See. Most of the Universal sets include the instruction manual, solutions, instruction DVD, Student workbook, test book, blocks, and 12 months access to the digital pack $153 ARV.

To enter to win this giveaway you just need to follow the directions listed in rafflecopter below. There are many ways you can get entered to win, some of which you can do daily. This giveaway will be open through . I will be drawing the winner within 24 hours of the giveaway ending, and will contact them through email. I will expect a response within 24 hours or I will be drawing a new winner. This giveaway is open to anyone in the USA. Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I was provided with a free Universal set of math curriculum for review purposes and a set to giveaway to one of my viewers, I was not compensated in any way. I was not required to write a positive review, all opinions are the honest opinion of my children or myself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations, read my FULL disclosure policy for more information. 

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. I would probably get Algebra 1 because that is the next level I haven’t purchased teacher materials for.

  2. […] we have been homeschooling for 10 years now I have tried many different math curriculums, Math-U-See is the only curriculum we use anymore. Stop over to read my review of this great program and get entered to WIN a complete set of any […]

  3. I would love to be able to try math U see. I’ve heard great things about it but we’ve never been able to afford it. I would probably try the level for 5th grade.

  4. My kids and I love using Math-U-See. When I pulled my daughter out of public school, she was a year behind in Math, hated it, and thought she would never understand it. Three years later, she multiplies faster than I do and can do thing in her head that I have to write down. We’re getting custody of my step-daughter for the coming school year and are planning to homeschool her as well. I just had her take the placement test to find out what book she needs to be in. She is three years behind where she should be for her grade level. But, I know that with Math-U-See, she will be able to understand the concepts and do the math that has been such a struggle for so long. I would love to win the pre-algebra pack. I already have all the levels before it and just need additional student packs for my step-daughter and my youngest.

  5. We need Zeta this coming up year. I would use it with my kids, then pass it on to my grandsons, who are right behind mine! Nice giveaway, thank you!


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