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Mother Goose time offers many different ways for kids to work on math in their everyday learning, they offer amazing manipulatives that kids will use to figure out simple story problems, counting, making patterns, using shape mats and shapes, and many other great ideas.

While we currently use Math-U-See as our main math curriculum for all of our kids, because they are a little bit older and need a math curriculum in my opinion. Even though we use a separate math program, we always love the hands on math concepts that are taught each month with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum! We will often use our Mother Goose Time manipulatives with our Math-U-See page for the day to change things up a bit.

Like I said in my previous post we received tangram’s as one of this months Mother Goose Time manipulatives. This month they have been used for multiple different activities. Using them with this months shape mats, was one of the fun activities that we used them for. My boys always love fitting the shapes to make different things on the mats that come with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum.  They also really enjoy when they are finished, making their own creations with the shapes. I am always amazed at the great things they make using the different shapes, I have noticed that the more they interact with the tangrams independently the more intricate their own designs have become.

The school busses were the second manipulative for the month. My boys love these and had a great time using them with our “computers” and this months story math cards. Every time they added or took one of the busses away they made bus noises, and pretended to drive it to where it needed to go.


These are the computers the boys made for our computer theme and there were “email messages” that printed out from their computers.

Computers-1 Computers-2

Here is a look at their “printed messages” they are this months math story cards. Of course driving the busses back and forth was very fun for the boys, sound effects were included  😉 !
Math-With-Tangrams-counting-busses School-Bus-Math-2 School-Bus-Math-3 School-Bus-Math-4 School-Bus-Math-5 School-Bus-Math-6 School-Bus-Math-7

This months shape design mats were also lots of fun. Every months design mats have to do with the theme we are learning about. The boys usually spend quite a while building with these, both with the mat and independently.

Tangram-Shape-Mats-3 Tangram-Shape-Mats-7 Tangram-Shape-Mats-8 Tangram-Shape-Mats-10 Tangram-Shape-Mats-11 Tangram-Shape-Mats-17 Tangram-Shape-Mats-26 Tangram-Shape-Mats-28 Tangram-Shape-Mats-30 Tangram-Shape-Mats-24

Next months topic is In The Orchard, and we are very excited for the new topic. Every year we pick many apples from the apple orchards and eat a lot of apples, make apple muffins, make apple crisp,and can homemade applesauce. So this topic will go great with some of our other October outings. We will also be working on some other apple fun to extend our topic to the older kids.

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador I am provided with the monthly curriculum to facilitate my review, I am not compensated in any other way. All opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations please read my full disclosure policy for more information.

Thank you for sharing!!


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