Mega Bloks First Builders House Party: Learning With Bloks

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Mega Blocks has some great product we were able to share with other moms for a Mega Blocks House Party! We received 10 bags of Mega Bloks ABC Spell/1-2-3 count, the Mega Bloks Build n’ Go Wagon Classic, and a Tiny n’ Tuff Race n’ Chase Rig for a lucky winner of a drawing at the party to take home!

I had originally had a big party planned to share Mega Bloks, but due to the fact we have had 2 bouts of the flu and then 2 really bad colds go through the house in the last month and a half, I didn’t think many moms would want to come and take the chance of having their little ones pick it up, so I ended up having a lot smaller party a lot later than I originally planned with my niece and the neighbor girls. It was a little disappointing to me, but worked out ok.

Below is some more information about the products we were given for this house party.

The first Mega Blocks product we were able to review was the ABC Spell blocks. The blocks come in a wonderful eco friendly backpack that is very easy to bring with you when you leave the house with your little ones. There are 30 blocks in the bag and almost all the blocks have letters on 2 sides of them, there are also 4 different picture blocks so you can spell the name of the picture.
What Did We Think Of Mega Bloks ABC Spell Bloks?
These blocks were not only a hit at the House Party but they were also a hit in my house, I have been using them with Ethan to spell out words using blocks. It has made the task of spelling simple words very fun for him! These blocks help support your child’s language development, encourages letter recognition and basic spelling skills.
The block are compatable with all Mega Block First Builders Sets and recommended for ages 1-5.
Mega Blocks First Builders can be purchased from Amazon for $18.99.
The second product we were able to review was the Mega Bloks First Builders 1-2-3 count blocks. These blocks come in a great eco friendly backpack making them portable and easy to pick up. There are 30 blocks in each bag and almost all of the blocks have numbers on 2 sides of them for over 50 numbers. There are 4 different blocks a couple of them have pictures on them so children can count them and put the correct number above them and a couple have addition problems for your children to practice math while building. These blocks help teach your child number recognition, addition and subtraction. The bloks are compatable with all Mega Bloks First Builder bloks.
What Did We Think of Mega Bloks First Builders 1-2-3 Count Blocks?
These blocks are not only great for fine motor skills but they are wonderful for learning number recognition, practicing simple addition and subtraction facts. All the kids loved them, not only were they building with them but I would hear them working on math problems, and making numbers! I am happy that they are not only having fun but learning as well!
The Mega Bloks 1-2-3 Count Bloks are compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builder sets, and is recommended for ages 1-5.
You can purchase Mega Blocks Build and Count from Amazon for $15.99.
The next product we were able to review was the Mega Bloks Build n’ Go Wagon Classic. The Mega Bloks build n’ Go Wagon make bringing your Mega Bloks where ever your child wants to play with them very easy! The Wagon come with a sturdy handle that is easily used by small children, it also includes a removable building plate so your child can build their own creations on their wagon and bring them around with them.
All the kids LOVED the wagon and it has been used regularly around here. Some of the kids wagons I have seen in the past are really quite flimsy and wouldn’t hold up to the kids in our house, this wagon however is very sturdy and made of thick plastic holding up to the use of my busy boys it has even held up to Gabriel climbing inside of it asking for people to take him for a ride! The removable building plate is a great feature and the kids have built many creations and bring them for a “ride.” The storage inside holds lots of the bloks and is an quick way to get them picked up!
With the wagon you receive 25 Mega Bloks in classical colors. All the bloks in the wagon are compatible with all Mega Bloks First Builder sets. Recommended for ages 1-5.
You can purchase your own Mega Bloks Build n’ Go Wagon from Amazon for $29.99.
The last product we were also given was the Tough Race n’ Chase Rig to be raffled of to one of the lucky guests! Hauling Henery is ready to go with friends in the back. There is a handle that kids can flip over and the rig will lay out a ramp so that the 2 Mega Bloks cars can be hauled around. The friends stored inside are Mega Bloks cars that are transformable and interchangable.
The Rig also has storage so the 2 smaller cars can be stored right inside.
 The rig comes with 24 pieces, and is recommended for ages 1-5, but I think any boy even older than 5 would enjoy the Race Rig!  The pieces can be used with all Mega Bloks First Builders Sets.
You can purchase your own Tough Race n’ Chase Rig from Amazon for $35.74.


What did we think of Mega Bloks First Builders?
My boys LOVE building with blocks, and they really enjoyed the Mega Bloks First builders, one thing that was nice for little ones is that the blocks are put together and come apart very easy so even really little ones can play with them independently! I love the fact that they have taken a toy around for a long time (bloks) and added learning to it, so the kids can have fun building while mom sneaks in some learning! The portability of the bloks are great, I usually don’t keep packaging for toys but the bag that the 1-2-3 and ABC bloks came in are something I have kept and are great to bring out with us when we go places, the handle is great to hang the bag when not in use! I think that some of our boys will be getting Mega Bloks for Christmas 🙂
They also included a product information page for each of the products, ideas on putting together your House Party, valuable coupons, themed recipe ideas, games to play using your Mega Bloks, Online groups of other moms that are doing the house party as well, and more. I was amazed at the extent Mega Bloks went to, to make this a successful and fun party for us moms, Thank You SO MUCH Mega Bloks!!

Stop over to the Mega Bloks First Builders Website to see all the great products they have to offer!!

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Disclaimer: As a member of House Parties I was given all the products stated above in return for hosting a House Party and reviewing the products stated above. I was compensated no other way and all opinions expressed are those of me or the guests attending the House Party. This post may contain affiliate links and all proceeds earned from them are used to purchase school curriculum for our children.

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