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I shared about the fact that we were headed over to Michigan’s biggest amusment park Michigans Adventure on June 8th. We were able to spend the day in the park for the entire day, and everyone had such an amazing time!! We were given tickets for the entire family to get into the park to share our visit with you!

We got to the park shortly after it opened, and stayed until it closed for the day. We were given lunch in the park at the Family Grill where it is all you can eat in my opinion the best deal in the park.

There are so many great things to do for children of all ages! They have a bunch of rides all over including the water park that are for very young children to enjoy. Of course they also have BIG rides for the older kids to go on and enjoy! One thing that made my children very happy was the fact that they even have roller coasters for younger kids, Ethan (5) could go on a few of them which he LOVED!! Gabe was even able to go on 1 of them with Jake but decided that he didn’t like roller coasters once he was done  😀

My Favorite Michigans Adventure pictures of the day!


Scrapbook Pages-215
New for 2013 Lakeside Gliders
Gabe’s favorite ride, the Fire Trucks!!


The motorcycles the boys loved!


The boats that even the big kids went on!!
The helicopters that were lots of fun!!
Scrapbook Pages-212
The Big Dipper, which Gabe thought was going to be so much fun, until he went on it lol.

Scrapbook Pages-213

Scrapbook Pages-217
The waterpark is always so much fun. The older kids went on whatever rides they wanted with their buddies, and we took the 2 little boys on rides for them.

Scrapbook Pages-214

We had such a wonderful time,


Thank you Michigans Adventure for offering us this wonderful opportunity!!

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Thank you for sharing!!


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