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Michigan’s Adventure is the largest amusement park in Michigan. They offer both and amusement and water park for families allowing them a full day of fun!! We were given the opportunity to review Michigan’s Adventure and will be spending the day on June 8 at the park with my family, of course everyone is so excited to spend the day there and cannot wait to go.

Each year they open up a new ride and this year they have added the Lake Gliders, we are all very excited to try the new ride!!



Michigan’s Adventure Amusement Park & WildWater Adventure Water Park
Two Parks for the Price of One

Michigan’s Adventure is Michigan’s largest amusement and water park, featuring over 60 rides and attractions including our world-class wooden roller coaster, Shivering Timbers which is over 1 mile long and 125 feet tall. Experience six other great roller coasters, Corkscrew, Thunderhawk, Wolverine Wildcat, Mad Mouse, Zach’s Zoomer and Big Dipper.  WildWater Adventure offers Beach Party, three wave pools, tube slides, body slides, Funnel of Fear and a family play area.  Michigan’s Adventure also offers thrill rides, and kiddie rides. Take a ride on Thunderhawk, Michigan’s first suspended looping roller coaster, RipCord, Grand Rapids, Go-Karts, Dodg’em Cars, Be-Bop Blvd, Timbertown Railway, and HydroBlaster. Food stands, miniature golf, games and gift shops round out a whole summer of fun for all ages.

Catered events are also available at Michigan’s Adventure.  Bring your employees and enjoy a day of summer fun together.

Michigan’s Adventure offers fun for the entire family.  One of the best things about Michigan’s Adventure is that both our waterpark and amusement park are included in our every economical price of only $29.00 per person.  Toddlers 2 years of age and younger are free.
Michigan’s Adventure also offers season passes to guests who would like to enjoy a whole summer of fun.

Many rides at Michigan’s Adventure are dynamic and thrilling. For your protection, each ride is rated for its special features, such as high speed, steep drops, sharp turns and other dynamic forces. Restrictions for guests of extreme size (height or weight) are posted at certain rides. If you have questions regarding your ability to safely participate, please refer to our Guest Assistance Guide, or call 231.766.9959.

4750 Whitehall Road, Muskegon, MI  49445   (231) 766-3377.

Michigan's_Adventure_Beach_Party Michigan's_Adventure_Carousel
Michigan's_Adventure_PeanutsGang Michigan's_Adventure_ShiveringTimbers

We have gone to Michigan’s Adventure in the past and everyone has so much fun! Here are some of our pictures from years ago when we went!!

Michigans_Adventure_3 Michigans_Adventure_4 Michigans_Adventure_5 Michigans_Adventure_6 Michigans_Adventure_7 Michigans_Adventure_9 Michigans_Adventure_9 Michigans_Adventure_10 Michigans_Adventure_11 Michigans_Adventure_12 Michigans_Adventure_13 Michigans_Adventure_12 Michigans_Adventure_12 Michigans_Adventure_13 Michigans_Adventure_14 Michigans_Adventure_14


We are so excited for our upcoming trip! Keep up to date on June 8th by following us on Instagram, and stay tuned for our review of the park and of course lots of great pictures!! What is your favorite rides at amusement parks?

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with tickets for myself and family to spend the day at Michigan’s Adventure and in return I will be sharing this post and a review after we attend. I was not compensated in any other way, and my opinions have not been affected by the free tickets!

Thank you for sharing!!

4 thoughts on “Michigan’s Adventure

  1. valerie kizer says:

    so nice to hear Nicole! I have 11 grandkids and a total of about 25 people are “planning” on going there. I only see them once a year and a few years ago I had cancer, and SURVIVED! so I am trying to do something with my grands. I live in California and I go there every year to see them. that way I can see everyone. anyway, do you know of any promo codes or other discounts ….$25 with 25 people or more, but we me paying for them all, its still a lot of money! I’ve been trying to find codes and discounts for months. any help would be appreciated. seem like the kids had a great time!

    • Nicole Walter says:

      So there are a few different places you can find discounts for admission this year. First off groups of 25 or more can get discounted tickets if you prepurchase your tickets. Other places you can find discounts are:

      ~Dominos should be offering box toppers on their pizzas in most Michigan areas.
      ~Meijer stores sell discounted tickets at their service desks.
      ~Coca-Cola has a coupon inside of their 20 and 24-packs. This coupon in inside the packaging, but should be indicated on the outside of the box.
      ~Various travel publications and community magazines have had coupons in past issues.

      Hope this helps you, and you have a wonderful time visiting with your family!!


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