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This month in our science lab unit we have done many fun activities. We have had fun learning about different states of matter we also had a fun time mixing different things together.

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Mixtures In Science

To start this theme we sang a mixing color song to the tune of “Frere Jacques.” The kids always have a great time singing the daily song and going over our circle time board before starting for the day.

Mixing Experiment

Before we started this activity the boys had to predict what they thought would happen when they added certain ingredients to their water bottles. After they guessed, we got 2 old water bottles and added our mixtures to the water that was already in them.

I had Gabe add the oil to the water in 1 bottle. Ethan added sugar to the water in the other bottle. Once they added in the mixtures they shook them up to see what would happen. The oil wouldn’t mix with the water and looked like a tornado when it was shaken up, but when it sat the oil just sat on top of the water. The sugar mixed into the water and couldn’t be seen anymore.

Mixtures-1 Mixtures-2 Mixtures-4 Mixtures-5 Mixtures-7

Mixtures-8 Mixtures-10


Color Mixing

On top of mixing different items into water, we also experimented with mixing different colors of paint together. Before we started this I had each of the boys guess what color each of the mixtures would make. They had a lot of fun mixing colors to make new colors. We also talked about the color wheel to extend our learning a little bit.

Mixtures-12 Mixtures-13 Mixtures-14 Mixtures-15 Mixtures-16

Mixtures-17 Mixtures-18

After they were finished mixing the colors onto the paper, we took out a paper plate and the boys were able to mix whatever colors they want to on the plate. They spent a while making whatever new colors they wanted to on their plates.Mixtures-19 Mixtures-20 Mixtures-21

Jiggle Gelatin

Before we made our JELLO we played the suggested game where the kids shake their body parts, and when I said “freeze” they would have to stop and freeze their bodies. I love how Mother Goose Time adds movement into their curriculum, the kids learn so much better when given opportunities to move and get their energy out.

We used the provided recipe card somewhat, but made JELLO jigglers instead of just JELLO so we veered off of the recipe card somewhat. Each month Mother Goose Time includes recipe card with a recipe to go along with the theme. Each of the boys made their own flavor of JELLO, following the directions to make it.

Mixtures-22 Mixtures-23 Mixtures-24 Mixtures-25 Mixtures-26

Great fine motor practice pouring JELLO into small containers.

Mixtures-27 Mixtures-28 Mixtures-29 Mixtures-30 Mixtures-31

After the boys were done helping to make the JELLO it went in the fridge to harden. We talked about how it was a liquid when it went into the fridge. Then we discussed that it was a solid when it came back out. The kids ate up the JELLO while I was busy feeding the baby so I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the finished product.


Wanting To Learn More About Mother Goose Time Curriculum?

In conclusion we have been using this program for over 2 years now. During that time I’ve shared many different posts other then just our monthly themes. Some of them are listed below for your convenience.

Looking for other great science experiments and ideas? I have a whole Pinterest board just for all things Science, stop over to check out the other ideas on there.

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