Thank you for sharing!!

We have had the amazing opportunity of working with Feld Entertainment to help them promote Disney On Ice celebrates 100 Years, and the latest even we have helped to promote was the Monster Jam Thunder Nationals, we hosted a giveaway for a family 6 pack of tickets to the show, and were also given tickets for our family to attend!In preparation for the upcoming event I printed off a bunch of coloring pages for the kids to color, and they had so much fun for days coloring the FREE Printables!
We also stopped at Wal-Mart before the show and picked up a Monster Truck for each of the boys to play with, they also each got their own Monster Jam t-shirts. It was so much more affordable for a family of our size to buy souvenirs this way.The kids have been playing with their monster trucks quite a bit before and since the show!
Once we were at the show the kids were so excited for the show to start!

Ethan was so excited, he didn’t take his eyes off the show the whole time! Gabe, I think would have done better with the headphones instead of just ear plugs, he covered his ears most of the time even with the ear plugs in.The boys enjoyed the show so much that they were cheering on the trucks during the show!

They had some motorcycles come out and the riders did some amazing tricks on the bikes. I thought Ethan might jump out of his seat when he seen them doing wheelies!!

They also had this jet powered car come out, even Gabe enjoyed watching the fire coming out of the exhaust!

Good vs. Evil robots came out and were shooting each other.

The cars were pretty flattened by the end of the show! The kids thought that was pretty neat and kept commenting about how the cars were demolished!

We had such an amazing time, the kids will remember this show for quite some time. Both of the little boys keep asking to look at the pictures on my computer. Thank you so much for this opportunity Feld Entertainment!

Thank you for sharing!!


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