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Montessori Elementary Math

Montessori Elementary Math ~ Exercise One: Number x a Number (Commutative Law)
Today I did a new Math presentations with Dustin(11), and Anthony(7), I found some wonderful Montessori Elementary Manuals for free online HERE that I followed.  I showed the boys where the materials are kept on the Math shelves, unrolled the felt mat on the floor, I followed the manual for the full presentation. Then we continued with another example.
  •  I had each of the boys pick out a number card 5 or below, they picked 5 and 4
  • We found the 4 bead bars and placed 1 next to the 5 number card
  • We took 4 bead bars 1x, 2x’s, 3x’s, 4x’s, 5x’s, and placed them in a group below
  •  Added them up counting by 4’s, we placed 2 ten bars vertically for the answer of 20. So 5×4 was 20, what will 4×5 be??
  • We found the 5 bead bars, put 1 horizontally at the top next to the 4 number card
  •  Took the 5 bead bars 1x,2x’s,3x’s,4x’s, place those in a group below
  • Added them up counting by 5’s, placed 2 ten bars vertically for the answer of…. 20
  • We then discussed that 5×4=4×5

so in conclusion 5×4=4×5, hence the Commutative Law of Multiplication

Anthony enjoyed it so much he continued working with the materials for quite some time. I wasn’t sure how he would do with this, due to the fact he hasn’t been introduced to multiplication at all yet, and I was pleasantly surprised!
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  1. Anonymous- I glad you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing your blog to, you have some great ideas on there!

    Deb-Thank you for your kind words and for featuring my post! I have been amazed how much they enjoy the presentations, and continue to use the materials later. I have seen it is harder to find the elementary posts, thats why I thought it would be nice to share some.


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