Thank you for sharing!!

Here are some of the new montessori math materials that I have bought for the upcoming year. ┬áThere will not be pictures of my shelfs yet, as they are in the process of being revamped and are a disaster! I will post finished pictures when the process of moving the school stuff all downstairs into a “school room” instead of working all over the main floor happens, stay tuned…
Wooden fraction circles, we don’t have the stand for them, we just separate them in half and put them into 2 different baskets on the shelfs. The math war game is something we bring in the diaper bag when we go out, its a good game to play with the kids while you wait for food in the restaurant!
A few clocks with moveable hands, my bead stair, and teen bead stair
Colored dominos, great for math equations, matching patterns, all kids of fun stuff!!
My version of the Geometric Solids, and some weights for the bigger scale
I am doing 2 thousand bead squares and 10 hundred bead squares, but the rest I decided to use wood.
Basic Fractions to teach the littlier one about fractions
A balance scale for the younger ones to understand weight, and the little bears it came with.
All of the montessori items were purchased from I-Fit Montessori, I have made a few purchase from this company and have been very pleased with the quality, customer service, and the fact they offer free shipping on orders over $500 is awesome if you have a big order, seeings how some montessori stores charge 2 arms and 2 legs for shipping due to where it is being shipped from! Widgets

Thank you for sharing!!


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