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On top of the 5 ER trips we had last week we also had 4 check ups for different kids at the doctors office (2 separate visits) all of which went good for the most part… We discussed with the doctor the fact that Anthony has been having horrible night terrors.
Now if you have never experienced a child having night a night terror, let me tell you it is a pretty scary thing to have to go through just as the person helping him, I cannot imagine how it must feel being the one stuck in something so scary! My friend explained it to me as the worst dream you have ever had and not being able to get out of it! So the Dr told us to wake him up every night about 2-3 hours after he falls asleep and then let him fall back to sleep, for about 10 days and that will reset his REM sleep cycle and hopefully stop them.
She also told us that our foot specialist and the rehabilitation hospital are doing everything they can do for Anthony’s slight case of club feet, he is currently wearing special made inserts all the time except when he sleeps. Our goal for now is to make the pressure from his feet not hitting the ground properly work more properly with the inserts and hopefully slow down the damage to his hips.
We also had Ethan’s yearly optometrist appointment. For any one who hasn’t noticed if you look carefully at Ethan, he has 2 different colored eyes, now he wasn’t born like that, around a year old his left eye changed from blue to green. It is not uncommon for a child with DiGeorge’s syndrome to develop different colored eyes. You do, however have to monitor it closely because DiGeorge’s Syndrome can cause retinal problems which is why we go in every year to the optometrist and get it checked out. During our last appointment we discovered that Ethan is also partially color blind, he can distinguish between colors but he struggles with distinguishing different shades of colors.
They also let us know that his 1 eye that changed color has developed an astignatism, not bad enough for glasses now, but I know from plenty of experience that means he will be more than likely need glasses by his next appointment.
We have been enjoying our new school room the last week and the kids have been loving being able to use our Montessori materials that have been put away for the last month for our remodel.
I added our x-ray bugs to our Light Table, and the kids really enjoyed matching the x-rays up to the pictures!
Ethan has been wanting to help with so many chores around the house it just amazes me. The other day he wanted to wash the table after breakfast
Watching the washcloth sink into the water so entertaining!
He even made sure to get a towel when he was done and dry the table off!
Ethan has shown and interest in snapping and buttoning so both of those dressing frames have been added to the shelves and have been used a lot!
I love the look of concentration on his face in this picture 🙂
After working with the button frame, by the end of the week he has been able to help undo half of his buttons on his shirts, he has been so proud of himself.
 We added Who’s My Baby? Memory Matching game to our shelves and Ethan played it a couple times last week. I purchased this game from Carson Delosa during a sale for $5, well worth the investment!
I love the fact that all the pictures are real life images, they are very beautiful!
Hammering shapes is a tray that is constantly on our shelves, Ethan has enjoyed it almost every day and now Gabe has been enjoying it as well!
Gabe has been working on colors so he matched the colored shapes to the same color peg. This is a very simple set that both the kids always enjoy, and once they learn colors you can move onto shapes!
He has loved exploring the Pink Tower!
Gabe started exploring the number cards very intently this week a few times, so I am going to be starting the Montessori Math Sequence with him this week, I’m so excited!
Anthony was helping him by telling him the correct numbers as he laid them out.
Knobless cylinders were another favorite for Gabe this week.
Cody played a game of Money Bags with his stuffed animals hehe.

Thank you for sharing!!


    • Thanks for your kind words, they are appreciated, and thanks for stopping by. I am heading over to check out your blog! Have a great week!


  1. Well you definitely have a lot going on with the kiddos. Praying that those night terrors end soon. It must break your mommy heart.

    Congrats on the new school room! Always fun. I bet it’s like Christmas for the kids with all the materials out again.

    We redid ours about a year ago and now we’re getting another new one in Oct. because we’re building a house. I can’t wait!

    Popping in from the wrap-up!

    • Stefanie
      Yes we do have lots going on, it seems this is our season of trials. But we are getting through it all with God’s grace!
      It is so much like Christmas when the kids get to use all the materials again, so exciting, for me and them 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. Busy, busy! But ugh! on the ER visits! Rough week on that, huh? Interesting about the 2 different colored eyes. My youngest son as one hazel eye and the other is 1/2 hazel and 1/2 brown. (A definite difference in the 1/2 and 1/2 eye.)

  3. what a great post, so much included. I love the animal matching game – my son would enjoy that, we talked about the names of baby animals this spring. I’d love to know more about the montessori maths sequence – hope you will be posting about it.
    Thanks for linking to Kids Co-op


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