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I recently shared a photo of our monthly Costco shopping trip over on Instagram. I had a request for this months menu as well as a lot of questions. I thought there are probably others who have the same questions so I am just addressing them all on the blog in 1 spot.

At the very bottom of this post you will find our menu’s for the month, as well as links on how to do your own monthly meal planning. This includes making the list, putting it to a menu, shopping, and making our monthly meals. If you have any questions about anything please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will reply to them in a post later in the week. Monthly-Meal-Planning We currently feed 8 people this includes 3 very active teenage boys that can really eat a LOT! We also have a neighbor girl who eats here at least a couple days a week. There are many different things that are taken into consideration when planning our menu. Every other Monday and Thursday evening we have group therapy for kids, both of those days we are at the gym in the afternoon. Because of this we make sure to have an easy meal to make or something that can be put in the crockpot and eaten at dinner time. Tuesday afternoon everyone makes their own lunch to use up left overs. This month we also have Gabe’s birthday, on kid’s birthdays they get to pick out what they want for dinner, which would be why on the 18th we are having pizza, corn, and brownies/ice cream. We have had some interesting dinners on kids birthdays, but they are always very happy to choose dinner for everyone. A look at this months shopping trip at Costco. Big-Family-Shopping A look at last months shopping trip to Costco. Large-Family-Shopping


The kids make their own breakfast, which is why it is not on any of the menu’s. The kids can choose from:

  • Granola with milk, or on yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs, Egg sandwich, Omelet
  • English muffin with Peanut Butter or Strawberry Jam
  • Fruit Salad
  • Fruit Smoothie
  • Toast
  • Waffle
  • Organic cereal
  • Yogurt with fruit


The kids can get a snack 3 times a day one around 10:00AM, another at 3:00PM, and the last one around 8:00PM. The kids usually have an organic snack from a few baskets we have filled with snacks to choose from. As they are emptied for the month we put new or refill favorite snacks. We do occasionally have a snack that isn’t organic, but we try to stay organic as much as possible. Luckily Costco offers quite a selection of organic snacks now a days, and what they don’t have I can get at Sam’s Club. Here are a few of our favorite snacks from Costco you can see a few more on this older Instagram post. Organic-Snacks-1 Organic-Snacks-5 Organic-Snacks-6


Because there are so many of us, allowing everyone to eat their hearts content would get very expensive very quickly, so we have to have set portion controls. The kids are allowed to have a big breakfast, are all given certain portions at lunch depending on age and appetite, and they are usually allowed to eat what they want to for dinner except for meat (we buy grass fed meat so we cut down on portions.) This usually means that most recipes are 4x just to feed everyone. At snacks the kids are allowed to have 1 granola bar, 1 fruit snacks, a few graham crackers, an apple, banana, or something else small for a snack.

Fruits and Veggies

For 9 months out of the year (spring, summer, and fall) we are able to get 90% of our fruits and veggies from the local farmers market. We are slowly learning how to can local produce so we have it available all year, but it’s still a work in progress. During the other 3 months we purchase most of our fruits and veggies from Costco and then also use what we canned for the year. During the cold months when we don’t go to the market weekly, we get fresh fruits and veggies for the first 2 weeks of our menu and use organic frozen or canned the last 2 weeks of the menu. Any fruits or veggies that I know get bad quickly are put into the menu for the first week, and ones that I know are hardier will be used in the second weeks menu. The weekend after we shop, we put together meals. That means many of the veggies for dinners are cut up and put into the meals and then put into the freezer and we don’t have to worry about them spoiling.


We use a moderate amount of bread in this house, mainly because of the amount we go through in 1 meal with 8 people. We make homemade bread and muffins every month for meals and snacks, we use english muffins for pizza’s and breakfast sandwiches, we use about 20 taco shells for tacos or enchiladas, and we go through about 2 loafs of bread for just 1 meal. So I purchase our bagels, bread, buns, and occasionally english muffins at the bread store. I get the loafs for $.59 for the GMO free bread, I get a lot! I get the rest from… Yes from Costco 😉 ! I keep anything that will be used in the next 5 days out, and the rest go into our big deep freezer. Every night when our freezer meals are pulled out, I grab out any needed bread/buns/muffins for the next day to thaw out.


We also have 14 free range chickens that are fed organic Amish food and filtered water. We get about a dozen eggs from them every day right now. It takes about 20 eggs to feed everyone a meal at this point and time. Our milk, is pick up from the farm each week we have limited it down to 3 gallons of milk a week.

This Months Menu’s

Monthly-Meal-Plan Monthly-Meal-Plan Monthly-Meal-Plan Monthly-Meal-Plan You can get the free printable weekly meal plan from that is what my menu is written on. If there is enough interest I may make my own printable menu and type the menu instead of writing it and make it available for download. But for now, I handwrite my menu’s.

How We Make Our Monthly Meals

Later this week I will be sharing what our fridges and freezers look like. There have been quite a few people who have asked what our fridges and freezers look like and where we store all of our food. Sine we now have a HUGE deep freezer we are able to store many things in there along with big shelving units on our porch.  I have a Pinterest freezer meals board where I pin new freezer/crock pot recipes, stop over for more meal ideas. Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board freezer meals on Pinterest.   I am linking up with THESE great linky parties, stop over and visit these great parties for other family friendly ideas.

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. […] As I stated the other day I am going to give you a look into just how we store a months worth of food for 8 people. Like I also stated before we do things differently this time of year because we do not get our fruits and veggies from the farmers market anymore which means there is a lot more things in my freezer then normal. We also freeze strawberry jam and cut strawberries every year which equals about 100lbs of strawberries we prepare. We freeze corn and zucchini as well so our freezers are pretty full right now. […]

  2. Wow… I have so much to learn … I end up shopping a couple of times a week. I really need to learn to shop less. It takes away so much time from learning and doing things at home. You amaze me. I love how you eat healthy… organic things. This coming year I need to make lots of changes…. My children also make their own breakfast. My older two help out my younger two. It is easier that way since I wake up earlier then them and this gives me time to get other things done. Saturday and Sunday we all make breakfast together since daddy is home. Thank you for inspiring me.

    • I’m so glad I could inspire you!! It is amazing how much it adds up when you have to stop to the store multiple times a week! Eating health and organic is a journey, and sure doesn’t happen overnight. The health benefits from eating healthy though, are simply amazing! It is such a wonderful thing to teach our kids independence, and it greatly increases their confidence!! Thanks so much for stopping over and commenting!!


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