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As you may know if you have been a follower for awhile, we have done many reviews on different homeschool curriculums in the past. Some of them we have grown to love and use year after year, others we have enjoyed but only use for the short time they serve their purpose for in our homeschool. MGT We have been using for almost a year now, and continue to use it through out the next year as well.

We started using Mother Goose Time Curriculum with Gabe last September, and as we were a couple months into the program we decided to let Ethan join us in the learning found inside of MGT. Last year we used MGT almost exclusively for Gabe with only a couple other subjects for him, and as a supplement for Ethan along with the other classes he did. This next year we will be using it as a supplement for both Gabe and Ethan. Both of the boys love the hands on learning and themes offered by MGT and is one of their favorite parts of our homeschool day.

You never know what kind of materials you will be getting with a new curriculum and most companies use average materials to go along with their programs. When we first started using Mother Goose Time Curriculum I quickly noticed that the quality of the materials was amazing, they were well beyond what you would expect from a company.



Each month in the shipments, students will get high quality manipulative’s that they will use on different aspects though out program for the month. One months manipulative were fabric leaves and very high quality tangram pieces that will be able to be used each month of the program. Another months manipulative’s are counting bears of different sizes, and high quality colored cubes.

The manipulative are such good quality they can be used month after month by the kids without having to worry about them falling apart. This is very much appreciated from a mom of many boys, who can be rough with everything  😉  !

The keys from last month were one of Ethan’s most favorite manipulative’s, we used them in story problems as we do with our manipulative every month. Ethan will use our MGT manipulative’s for his Math-U-See problems often, which is a nice change from the normal Math-U-See cubes.


Fabric leaves were a great manipulative to use during the fall months.
MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-2 MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-4

We used links for counting, making into creations in play dough.MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-9

MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-24 MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-12

Dinosaur Eggs with mini dinosaurs inside the eggs to use during our dinosaur unit.MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-23

Some months we use our manipulative’s for graphing answers to questions.

Here are little people manipulative’s that were used during our trip around the world theme. MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-28

Foam stars were used to make constellations during our outer space unit.MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-33 MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-34

This balancing moon was something even the older kids had to take a try at. MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-37

During our ocean month they included these adorable hoping fish to use as our characters for our board game.

During our gardening theme the boys enjoyed using bunny counters for our math problems as well as other work through out the month.MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-56



Spring flowers made with tanagrams were a fun idea. MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-58 MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-60 MotherGooseTimeManipulatives-61

Shells were used for many different activities during our ocean theme.

Graphing with shells.


Colored block manipulative’s.P1150139

Colored bear shapes in different colors as well as different sizes.P1150137

Interested in getting your preschool curriculum shipped directly to your house every month, with all the needed materials and manipulative’s? Stop over to Mother Goose Time website to get signed up.

MGT Blog Ambassador

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time blog ambassador I am provided with the monthly curriculum to use with my children, in return I share our experiences on my blog. I am not compensated in any other way. Please read our disclosure policy for more informaion.

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