Natural Living

We have been on a journey of natural living for over 4 years now. It has taken those 4 years to get where we are today, it did not happen overnight and it also did not happen without a lot of hard work. We try to use natural medicine and remedies to cure any ailments as possible. We get raw milk from a local farmer, as well as all grass fed meat for our meals, we use the Pro-Pure filter to filter all drinking and cooking water we use, and more.

We cook as much as we can from scratch, which means with 8 people in our house spending lots of time in the kitchen. We also utilize as many non-GMO project verified products found in stores that we can for products we do not make on our own. Here you will find a list of posts I have shared about our natural living journey.


Natural Healing

  • I am quite against getting flu shots for my family every year. Instead we find ways to naturally help our body stay healthy. We have done this using my homemade Elderberry Syrup with Echinacea and Rose Hips. As long as everyone is taking this every day during cold and flu season we will maybe get sick once or twice a year and it will only last for a day or 2. With 8 people in our house that is pretty amazing I think.
  • 20 Great uses for coconut oil. We use coconut oil instead of most other oils, there are many different ways to use cocounut oil that are great for your health. Here is a list of 20 different ideas.

Essential Oils

We use essential oils for many different things in this house. We diffuse oils around the house for different things, we put them on feet, back of necks, and more. We also make our own natural cleaning products and natural remedies using them. Below are posts we have shared about essential oils over the years.

Backyard Chickens

3 years ago we decided to purchase our first set of backyard chickens. We were unfamiliar with raising hens and decided to get them a little older from an area farmer that needed to get rid of them. Since then we have raised 3 sets of hens from 1 day old to beautiful egg producing hens. We LOVE the amazing eggs we get from them and so do our family members!! Even though we live in the city we can still enjoy knowing where our food comes from. We purchase feed from a local Amish farmer so they are getting the best food possible.

Freezing Produce and Canning

Every year we purchase local produce from our local farmers market and freeze it in our big deep freezer so we can continue to have it once the season is over. It is so wonderful to eat local during the off seasons. The first year we started doing this we made our own freezer jam. Since then we now freeze diced onions and green peppers as well as corn on and off the cobb. Every year we add more into what we can and freeze.

Food From Scratch

As I stated above we make many of our recipes from scratch. You can head over to my recipe ideas page for a step by step guide on how we monthly make freezer crock pot meals. Our recipes for our breads and muffins that the kids eat for snacks regularly, as well as the rest of our from scratch recipes.


My natural herbal remedies Pinterest board has many great natural ideas to try, stop over there for some other great ideas.

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