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With the fact that I had the reorganization of the basement going on, orientation for Ethan’s and Serena’s school, and everything it takes to keep a household of 8 people running, we didn’t manage to get much organized school done this week, either way the kids had fun with many things that were being reorganized!
Gabe has gotten so good at drinking out of a cup! He will rarely spill any on himself!!  I know the picture is blurry, my camera broke and is in the shop for warranty work, so now I am using my phone till I get it back. For some reason the last couple days he finds it quite fun to dump his whole cup on purpose all over the floor, needless to say he’s getting lots of sponging practice cleaning up the mess 🙂
One of Ethan’s all time favorites, locks and keys.  He can sit for quite some time playing with these!
The boys got out the Drilling Center, another favorite
This is the 1 new work that was made this week..
These are beach theme scrap booking buttons, the kids will use them to thread onto a pipe cleaner.
Stored together in a small bowl on the shelf
Serena went through our giant mess of board games that were on the built in book case in the basement while I was organizing. She put all the games back together and even taped up the boxes, so the kids have been enjoying all the games this week (what a wonderful daughter 🙂 )  Gabe and Anthony played Silly 6 Pins, Gabe did pretty good with the game, and he was actually able to take turns with Ethan (with a little guidance), which is always so great to see.
He got very excited every time he knocked down pins, jumping up and down..
The kids played in the instruments while mom organized things in the basement, Gabe was entertained for quite a while!
Gabe and Ethan were outside digging in the dirt and this is what Gabe came in looking like lol, he thought it was very funny.
Gabe and Ethan paraded around the house in circles, Gabe rode his little bike…
And Ethan hopped on the hop ball…  He hopped around on that ball for over 20 minutes, with out a break.
While I was downstairs organizing, Ethan took some of my stuff off the shelves (while I was watching) and made his own work, he took the marbles and sorted them into the spaces of an abc bead container.
I have been working on colors and shapes with Gabe, so I pulled out this puzzle for him to work on.  He still needed a lot of help, but enjoyed it!
Ethan helping Serena make our “Beach Cake”
The finished product
And of course Gabe found the knife from frosting the cake in the sink and started eating. He has a sweet tooth!!
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