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We have been having lots of fun this past few weeks exploring different topics about the Ocean with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum. I have already shared some of the big ocean animal fun ideas that we have done, today I am going to share about the small animals we have learned about.

As I have stated before Ethan has recently had many medical appointments and his first surgery of a couple planned for the next 9 months. I told him when we were doing school each day for the week after his surgery and let him join us if he wanted to, if he choose to just rest and not join us that was fine to. He choose to join us for some of the activities but not all of them.


Ethan always loves to extend our monthly patterns out as far as he possibly can, which usually means that they take up most of the table.
IMG_3486 Ocean
I love the look of concentration on Gabe’s face in this picture!IMG_3314


We made coral, for some reason I couldn’t find the needle that went with this project, so I just twisted the end of the yarn. It made the project a little hard for little hands but was some great fine motor practice!




Our book that came with our monthly shipment this month was Ocean Animals A to Z. This was a fun book for the kids to use as we studied about different ocean animals. It shows the kids how to trace each of the letters, and gives children about the different ocean animals in the alphabet. You can get your own copy of this book over on Amazon. (affiliate link)ocean-animals-A-to-Z

We talked about the different zones and then put them in order using construction paper on the wall. We used a light blue to the sunlight zone, darker blue for the twilight zone, and black for the midnight zone, and labeled them accordingly using double sided tape.


Once they were labeled and in order we added the card that were provided by Mother Goose Time. Ocean Ocean

The boys aso had a lot of fun cutting different ocean animals in our collage magazines. We worked together to figure out what zone they should each go in.


Our manipulative for the month was sea shells. We have played games with them, graphed with them, and enjoyed just examining them!

IMG_3208 IMG_3209

We watched another coral reef video during our quite time during one of our post surgery afternoons. We also watched this Magic School Bus video over on YouTube, because my boys LOVE magic school bus. IMG_3217

Clams with pearls craft idea was a lot of fun, both of the boys decided they did not want to put their “pearls” into the O shape and attached it in their own way.
Ocean Ocean IMG_3160

Gabe had a great time making a Jellyfish Hat, Ethan however, had just had surgery and wasn’t interested in joining us on this day.

All Social Media 800x800-110

Start making the hat with a shower cap.

Then cut curling ribbon and tape it around the hat.IMG_4072

The hats are so silly and adorable!IMG_4079 IMG_4085

Ethan decided we were having to much fun making the hats that he decided to join us in adding our jellyfish to our journals. They both decided to make 8 glitter legs on there jellyfish instead of just drawing them on.
IMG_4056 IMG_4061 IMG_4067 IMG_4068

Here is a look at their finished work all dried.

We made some starfish using raised gold stickers, and the cardboard starfish provided by Mother Goose Time.IMG_4145 Ocean-Craft-Ideas IMG_4147 Ocean-Craft-Ideas

We spent a day learning all about seahorses, this was a fun number activity that Gabe is doing.

He would start by flipping over a number card,


Then take that many baby seahorses out of the daddy seahorses pouch. IMG_4163


On the day we learned about sea sponges, of course we used sponges to use in our art project.
Ocean-Craft-Ideas Ocean-Craft-Ideas Ocean-Craft-Ideas

We learned about x-ray fish and made a fun x-ray fish craft, that Ethan decided he wanted to join us on.IMG_4195




This months topic has continued to be a very fun topic that both of the boys have enjoyed. I’m sure next months topic will be just as fun the topic is Growing Gardens.

Looking for some other ocean ideas? We have shared MANY fun ocean ideas previously on the blog, including a beach cake, sensory ideas, Montessori learning ideas, and lots more. Stop over and check some of the resources out!

Disclaimer: As a Mother Goose Time Blog Ambassador I am provided with the monthly shipment from Mother Goose Time and share how we use it in our homeschool. I am not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. For more information read my full disclosure policy. This post contains affiliate links. 

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