Ocean Movement Activity

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Welcome to day 3 of our beach and ocean unit! For anyone just joining us, I have split our beach and ocean unit up into 5 different posts and am posting them every other day, the last two topics were,
  1. Part 1 –  Beach and ocean shelves.
  2. Part 2 – Beach and ocean sensory bins.
Today I am going to talk about our movement activity that we added into our beach/ocean unit, we try to have lots of activities to keep the boys moving or they have a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand. So Our DIY Sensory Swing is something that we use daily to help keep our SPD kiddos right on target while learning. Our DIY Sensory swing is very loved in our house, it was very easily made by my wonderful husband, and saved us lots of money from having to purchase one already made.
For our beach and ocean unit the movemenet activity was throwing fish into the ocean.
The kids had to swing back and forth on the swing, on their stomach while moving and try to make the bean bag into the “ocean.”
 We used teal colored rocks for our “ocean” and put them into a bin
And used bean bags as our “fish.”
The kids enjoyed it so much they played it during their breaks as well!
It is also a great way to work on team work!
Stop back Friday for our Fun Beach Activities where I will be sharing all the misc. fun things we did for our beach and ocean unit including a fun science experiment!
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We made lots of yummy food last year, which included a beach cake, sailboat deviled eggs, goldfish edible aquariumoctopus and noodles, and sailboat sandwiches.
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Thank you for sharing!!

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