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I finally finished getting the ocean sensory bin together last night, and since today was our “start” to school it worked out perfect. I will say that the official start of the school year did not go quite as originally planned, but worked out great in the end. I have my very good friends 2 kids over for a few days on top of my 6 so we had 8 kids doing crafts, cooking and school today. So here is our latest Ocean Sensory Bin, which has been a hit with all the kids!
Whats inside… there is a Safari Ltd Ocean Toob
A few boats from the Safari LTD In The Water Toob
Squishy ocean animals from here
A few glitter and regular pom poms from here, a few wooden beach scrapbook pieces found at local craft store, bead necklaces here, aquarium rocks from the pet store, gems from the dollar store and a few pastel buttons.
I set out a couple cups, bowls, scoops, spoons, and kids chop sticks. The only rule was everything stays on the towel, and you pick it all up and put it away when you are done.
 Gabe has so much fun filling the cup and dumping it over and over
We have a bunch of fun ocean/beach themed things planned for the week that I will be sharing as we go.
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Thank you for sharing!!



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