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I have not officially started school for the older boys yet, but I have been structuring their day more, and requiring a few hours work time through out the day, here are some of the things we did for their 1st week! Our topic for the next month is ocean and beach!!
Experimenting with bubbles…
The is an Animals Of The World felt set I purchased from Montessori-N-Such, it isn’t finished being put together into a book like it’s supposed to be, and I’m not sure if I will put it into the book or just leave them separated. There are 8 different habitats with quite a few felt animals to use for each one.  The set is well worth it and will be used a lot in this house! The only down side to the set is that they are not pre cut and there are a lot of things to cut out, which saves money, but is a time consuming.  I had the older kids help cut everything out!
Cody giving it a try on the new felt board
Making Sink/Float predictions
After the sink float experiment we talked about how animals like ducks, seagulls, beavers, and otters can all float on top of the water and walk on land. Then I had the kids research on World Book Encyclopedia and other reference books we had on hand, about their favorite floating animal. Answering questions like, what body parts help them float and swim? How long can they hold their breath? How do they stay beneath the surface of the water, and how far do they travel? How much time do they spend in the water? Can offspring float right away, or do they have to be taught?
Serena sent in for her tadpole, and it came just in time to start our new week! The tadpole is a special one you can see through, it grew it’s back legs the first day here, it has been so much fun for the kids to watch and document!  Uncle Milton – Planet Frog



We used the lifecycle of a frog this week, I had the kids draw out the life cycle of the frog using them. I found them at Montessori-N-Such they do not have the same model but this one seems almost identical.


I also printed off the Frog Nomenclature 3 part Cards and Frog nomenclature book, from Montessori Print Shop, it is currently a free download. All of the kids have been working on those.
Here is a cage full of grasshoppers, the boys keep them for the day watch them, and let them go before coming in for the night. The spend hours outside catching different insects right now!
Dustin worked on the Grasshopper Anatomyand also read the Grasshopper info sheetand Cicada info sheet
Dustin and Cody worked on the Octopus Book.
Practical Life:
I found this great tutorial and decided to make them, with Cody’s help. It was a great inexpensive way to introduce sewing to the boys! The kids unravel the string from the clothes pin, push the needle through one of the holes and continue “sewing.”
Anthony tried it out a couple times, and really enjoyed it.
This is what it looks like stored on the shelf.



Serena helped me spray the clear coat on our number cards, so they are finally finished!!
We played Under the Sea Dominoes..
Cody and Anthony both played in the Ocean Graphing game a couple times, it was part of thePreschool Ocean Packfrom Homeschool Creations.


The winner for the guessing jar this week was…..   Serena…  There were 65 ocean creatures in the container, she guessed 64!!


Arts & Crafts:
Our new centerpieces on the table.
Anthony finished up his airplane this week, and boy did it turn out nice!

The kids made a few different recipes to go along with our theme, I made it so that each kid would have at least 1 recipe of their own to make:Sailboat Sandwiches
Deviled Egg Sailboats
Edible Aquariums 1
Edible Aquariums 2
Octopus hot dog and noodles

 Dustin and Anthony making Sailboat sandwiches for lunch. Anthony rolling up the crescent rolls

Scooping the middle out so he can fill up the “boats”
Edible aquariums 2
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