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Online Homeschool Foreign Language


Online Homeschool Foreign Language Program From Middlebury Interactive Languages 

Foreign languages is a subject I am no good at. I do not know any other language except English because when I was in school it wasn’t required. In today’s world however, lots of the people you run into on a regular basis do not speak English and this can lead to a big language barrier. While I do not include a foreign language into my elementary kids as their regular curriculum, the older kids need to know this so that they can communicate with the world around them.

Serena was the first of my kids to start a foreign language program when she entered high school. She loves to learn new languages but is more the reading and writing type of student. To this day she knows some Spanish is quite fluent in French, Norwegian, and . This year she is choosing to take another year of French and Norwegian. It was easy to find a program for her, since most of the programs out there you read, write, and listen to samples.

Dustin is my second homeschool student to get into high school. I was faced with a bit of a challenge with him since he is a visual learner primarily but is also strong auditory. This meant that the programs that I used with Serena were not going to work for him… At all…

Finding a foreign language program for high schoolers that are visual learners was not an easy task I found out. That is why when I found out about Middlebury Interactive Languages I was very excited to help review one of their programs.

We have been using the program for a couple months now and it has been wonderful so far. Some of our favorite things about Middlebury is that the program is interactive and done online so that means no writing. If Dustin is just told to read or write something he will never pick it up and dread it, but because he is interacting with the language it has made a big difference. Students will drag, type in, and record their answers to what would normally be written work.



No Prep Work or Grading For High School Online Spanish

I love the fact that Middlebury Interactive Languages offers a program where I do not have to do prep work, or any of the teachings. With 6 kids to teach everyday this is a BIG blessing for me.The program takes care of this for me, everything from quizzes to recording the student saying phrases it is all done. The grading side of things is even done for you in the grade book which makes my job even easier.


Their interactive program offers many different learning options for students that is wonderful for students of any learning style.

  • vocabulary practice
  • grammar instruction/practice
  • reading comprehension
  • matching foreign language phrases with English phrases
  • recorded speaking
  • many other ways for students to learn and retain the language

Middlebury Interactive Languages offers a few different languages such as:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Arabic

They have different levels for different grades each one tailored to the age level of the student:

  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School


Middlebury Interactive Languages is doing a giveaway for 10 one semester courses. You’r choice of language and level (includes AP classes) A value of $119/semester! Because the courses are digital and shipping is not required, this giveaway is open to everyone worldwide!

Please note that when you are are signing up for this giveaway your email address will be given to Middlebury to be added to their mailing list.

Discount Code For Online Foreign Language Program

You can also save 10% off your order when using discount code HomeSchoolFirst10 at Middlebury Interactive Languages website.

You can find Middlebury Interactive Languages over on

Online Homeschool Foreign Language Twitter Party

Middlebury Interactive Lanugages will be featured on a Twitter party that iHomeschool Network is hosting that will take place on October 9, 2014. We would love to have you join us!!

Middlebury Interactive Languages will also be a featured guest on the weekly iHomeschool hangout on October 16 where they will be talking about teaching foreign language in your homeschool.

iHSnet Twitter Party

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