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Well since we are working our way through the summer so fast and before we know it summer will be over, I figured it was about time to give an update on our Organic Vegetables Garden that we planted this year. Everything we planted was done with help of the kids. Involving children in planting and harvesting a garden gives them important skills that they can use later on in life and will make some wonderful memories together as a family that will be remembered for many years!! Our summer has been a very cold one and we have not had very many 80′ days this year at all our mornings are so cool and you need a sweat shirt not to freeze, everything still seems to be doing good, but the cooler weather veggies are doing the best obviously.

If you are wondering what the stuff is around our plants in a lot of the pictures is. I cleaned out the chicken coop and put some into the mulch piles and the rest around the plants hay and chicken droppings are great fertilizer for the garden!!

We have gotten lots of zuchinni from our plants, we have found so many great uses for our zuchinni after we planted some we decided to make a couple more rows a few weeks behind our other plants. They are just starting to produce the beautiful flowers, so hopefully lots more zuchinni soon!!


Here is the second area of summer squash and zucchini we planted. On the left side is our strawberry patch.P1070729


This was one of our first zucchinis for the year!

Image 4

P1070396 (1)

Fresh Green Beans they get eaten so fast I just haven’t gotten a picture of the beans themselves. Here are the little bean plants.


Here they are grown HUGE!!!




White and yellow onions.


So a bunch of our onions got stomped by the chickens so they were pulled out a lot earlier then they were supposed to be.



Almost all the onions are dried out now! We will be storing them away for winter soon!!Onions-Drying
Corn is getting very tall and has many corn cobs growing now, we also have a second corn field that was a few weeks behind the first since sweet corn is something that is very loved in our house and I want to be able to enjoy it through the winter without eating GMO corn…




Our second cleared out plot that now has our second batch of corn, lettuce, carrots, summer squash, zucchini, and our strawberry patch.



The corn in the cleaned out area now growing big!

Sweet Peas For some reason my kids all love these so much that not many of them ever make it into the house. The fact that we had to cage them in better because my chickens started using them as a dirt bath probably didn’t help either 😉


Tomatoes while we haven’t had any ripe tomatoes we have TONS of green tomatoes that will be ripe soon! I tried something new this year and pinched off all the flowers until the base was thicker and also pruned off all small branches that started to grow near the bottom. This has made for some HUGE plants that will hopefully give us lots of delicious Heirloom tomatoes soon YUM!!


As you can see the plant is so BIG that it is knocking the string over, so we have added a post for it to lean against!





This is the lone tomato plant that ended up growing in the lettuce.



Here is our container tomato plant that my chickens decided to eat half of the plant!!



Lettuce we have lots of Romaine lettuce which we are loving I just started a few new kinds of organic lettuce to make for a colorful salad for the cold weather that is close behind.

Here the lettuce is when it was smaller.

P1070221 P1070077


Heres one we just pulled out the other day, not so little anymore!!Image 1

Sure can tell he was helping in the garden, look at those hands 😉Image 2



Radishes were one of the first things that came up, but no one really likes them because they are really spicey so we probably won’t be growing them again next year.

Image 6

Image 9

The 1 lemon Verbadum plant I got, it is now a HUGE bush!!


Our cantaloupe we finally have 1 mini melon!! Anyone have any ideas on how to hide melon so that chickens don’t eat it before we get it??


Here is our broccoli plants. Not doing quite so good but still coming along.



We just planted spinach, the new kind of lettuce, acorn squash, beets, and butternut squash for our cold weather vegetables, so our garden is far from done for the year!

Our new spinach plants starting.


Our squash.


Here is our beautiful little lettuce plants.


We also have some beautiful sunflowers around the yard!


Next year we will have our garden fenced off from chickens and kids, there have been to many things that have happened letting the both have free reign of the garden. Lesson Learned 😉

Now I have been busy canning and freezing all kinds of goodies to last us through the winter.

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