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This past weekend I spent quite a bit of time down stairs reorganizing a lot of our school stuff.  Homeschool organization and keeping track of everything we have with 6 kids, ages ranging from 2 all the way up to 13, and after 6 years of homeschooling can be quite challenging. I have changed the way we store our school things many times, but I have to say I think it will stay this way for a while it is so nice to have everything stored in 1 room! I figured I would share my OCD storage with you 🙂
 We added a peg board system to store our items that are used frequently in the classroom area.
I took our english work drawers and hung them with a couple hooks so the kids could still wipe the table easily underneath!
Up at the top right corner of the pegboard, starting at the top and working down, we have a drawer for velcro, an Ikea storage bin for scissors, and Ikea storage bin for dry erase markers, a small pencil basket for staples, a wicker basket for post it notes, another wicker basket for stationary for the kids, and lastly a long hook for tape
On the top left we have a basket for nail polish for misc crafts, to the right is a couple boxes of crayons and a box of dry erase crayons, the next basket over is glue gun glue sticks. moving down in the middle in a pencil basket is extra chalk. I figured out that Ikea 1, 2, 3 baskets fit perfectly on the long hooks and that 2 baskets can share a hook, so you only need 4 hooks to be able to hang all 3 baskets, it’s so much cheaper than purchasing expensive peg board accessories! Bin number 2 holds tape, hole punchers, rulers, staplers, and alphabet stencils, in bin number 2 we have book loops, big ones in 1 container and small ones in another container. The third container has dry erase spray, erasers for the chalk and dry erase board, glue sticks, and my line writer for HWWOT.
Just below the numbered baskets I used some Ikea magazine holders and hung them on hooks on the peg board, each magazine holder has a different kind of paper for easy access. The first is big lined paper with a spot for a picture at the top, the next is college ruled lined paper for Serena and Dustin, Wide ruled paper in the next holder for Cody and Anthony, in the last holder is drawing paper half colored and half white. I have another couple hooks next to the paper for hanging our clipboards.
These are the drawers next to my desk, on top I have a folder for each day of the week, and that is where I store the kids daily work that they need to work on. In the small drawers I have extra pencils, pencil sharpeners, a drawer full of crayons, pencils, and markers that need to be sorted through and added to our peg board still, and erasers. In the big drawers 1 has our Grammar Farm animals, The first of the big drawers has bubble wands and accessories, and the 2nd drawer contains the Grammar farm animals and accessories, the 3rd and last drawer holds water toys.
Next to the shelves in our classroom I have added this cart.
The top drawer contains regular and scrapbook stickers
The second drawer contains some coloring books that I change out a few times a year.
The third drawer down is rainy day kits I have picked up on clearance over the years or projects we purchased and never had time to get around to doing.
 In my school/craft storage room, right next to the classroom, I have a bunch of carts for storage. The first set are my big drawers of themed items, I purchased 2- 3 drawer carts from Walmart and stacked them. What’s inside the drawers??  Well the top and 1st drawer contains 4th of July and Summer items, the 2nd drawer down is Things that go themed items, the third drawer down is Spring, Easter, and Valentine’s day, the 4th drawer is insects and bugs theme, the 5th drawer down is Fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, and the 6th and final drawer contains Christmas and winter themed items.
 This is the next set of carts with drawers in the room and they hold most of my Montessori practical life items, recycled items for crafts, and some of my smaller themed drawers.
The top right drawer on the right holds sorting trays and ice cube trays, the 2nd drawer down is our Ocean/Beach themed drawer, the 3rd drawer is still being decided what to put in it.
 Next down the 4th drawer is glass bowls, below that is the pitchers and tea sets, the 5th drawer contains the stainless steel, wood, plastic and wicker items.
The 5th drawer holds big practical life tools and Misc items. Any thing from shower curtain hooks to spooning mats can be found in this drawer.
This is the inside of the 6th drawer down, the small white container holds all of our little tongs, spoons, scoops, droppers etc, the long black container holds small sets of tongs and serving spoons, and on the side of that are chopsticks, and combs.  The 7th drawer down is for our open and close containers.
 On top of one of the drawers is our big container of Homemade Bubble solution because I make big batches so we always have bubbles on hand! I also put straws in a container for easier access for the kids .
The top drawer contains sponges, milk cartons, empty bottles etc.. The second drawer contains sweets and sports themed items.
The 3rd drawer down holds our space and robots themed items. The 4th drawer is for all our old milk and juice bottle caps, ribbon spools, plastic fruit cups, etc… The 5th drawer is for egg cartons, and empty paper  towel / toilet paper tubes. The 6th and last drawer contains anything else recyclable that doesn’t have another place.
Moving on in the room is where I store all my small items for sensory bins, practical life, crafts, and ribbon. Most of my small items are stored in recycled Jars that have been cleaned out good and repurposed!
On the bottom are the items that need a home, and my big containers with rocks, pom poms, colored rice, hay, etc…
Here is a couple close ups of some of the containers
Here I have some ribbon stored in an Ikea kitchen bin hanging from a peg board
 In smaller containers off to the side I have fabric paint, paper punches, a complete porcelain tea set, and command strips.
Finger paint, and room for 1 more container! Below that in the blue basket is our rick rack, and misc strings and ropes.
Next along the room is an area I still have some work to do on, but it is slowly coming along.
My organized books shelves are still a work in progress because we ran out of book shelf space. We organized all the books according to their theme, I got this idea from Carissa at 1+1+1=1.
Here are the rest of the magazine holders that won’t fit on the book shelves and are on the floor awaiting a new book shelf…
Next along in the room is for now a computer desk, but will soon be switched out for a couple more book shelves and these drawers will go on those shelves. There are all kids of art supplies in these drawers
 Next to the drawers are 3 stacking containers.
Here is a look at the craft and school shelves.
Below the shelves on the left side is all Science items, next to it is our sensorial items bin, and below that is a bin with Language items.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Thank you! I poke around at all the great ideas others have posted on their blog as well, thats where I get some of my best ideas! I will be keeping an eye out for your pictures! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment!

  2. Thank you for all the compliments!

    Lindsi- I did manage to head over and share my post thanks for the idea!

    Deb- Thanks for your compliments and for featuring my post! My brain is very ocd when it comes to organization, with kids from 2-13 that makes for a lot of things to find somewhere to store, and I am so glad it’s finally done!

    Monko- It has been very satisfying to get it all finally finished. Its so much easier to find everything when it all has it’s own spot!

  3. omg! I thought I had a ton of PL, seasonal jobs and craft stuff. hooo boy! luv that you had it organized…each one having its own spot. I just use random boxes and some Manager boxes for my Montessori stuff in the garage. My hubby is asking me to give him back the garage space.

    • Lol, yes I have a lot of PL items, but I find most at the thrift store for really cheap 🙂 I have a bunch of themed PL items that are put into boxes and in the basement that have no organization what so ever yet. My hubby was asking for his upstairs back and thats why we moved the school stuff all into the basement! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. You have so many fascinating ideas for storage.One that will really help me is the theme drawers.When I first seen all of your jars it reminded me of a candy all the colors and sizes.Just seeing all of those craft supplies makes me want to sit and craft.Please thank your OCD brain for me.

  5. […] #10 Organization Bliss:One of the first ways I tried to store all my sensory bin items and other mini items was to store them in glass jars on an old DVD shelf we were not using. If the shelf would have been somewhere else the little boys couldn’t have gotten into the jars it would have worked great for us. […]


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