Thank you for sharing!!

We finally have begun the process of reorganizing some of the spaces in our house, we plan on moving the playroom back upstairs and having the toys all organized with an Ikea Trofast system, the school room and all school item will be moved from all over the house to only in the basement. The dining room table has served us well for 5 years, but its time for a change. There are few of the reasons I chose to start this project:
1. Make things run more efficient and easier to find, with 6 kids and homeschooling, life needs to flow as smoothly as possible!  If things are not labeled and have a special spot to go, they get shoved into the closest place that mom will not see.
2.  Make things safer for Ethan. He is very curious and has the impulse control of a 15 month old (really) it tends to get him in trouble a LOT, anything within his reach or sight will become a throwing, or hitting object, which has gotten him hurt many times, even stitches a few, and a lot of big messes in between (which he helps clean up, great practical life!)
Like painting our body with markers in the corner to look like a warrior lol…
Or dumping the whole bin of sand on the floor. What made this situation even worse is that I didn’t realize it, but it really wasn’t just sand, it was sand with gravel mixed in which was very hard to get out of our back porch carpet!
Or the worst, getting into the homemade diaper rash cream and painting the wall, Gabe’s bed, and self with it but only after trashing Gabe’s bed and ripping the wallpaper off.
3. All of the school stuff seems to be taking over the upstairs, there were piles every where, I would forget what I had, and also had a hard time figuring out where things were stored when I needed them on a whim, which started driving a very organized person like myself to start this big project.
4. And last but not least, Serena starting k12 this year she needs her own area to work, away from all the noise of her very active 5 brothers, there was no space upstairs to do that, so we had to rethink how things were set up.
I have the basement organization almost finished and will be working on the post as soon as it is done.

Thank you for sharing!!


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