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We had our school Christmas Party yesterday with some friends and neighbor kids, there was a total of 13 kids and we had such a wonderful and busy time! I planned 2 different ornaments for the kids to make, cookies to frost, decorate, and eat, and a couple other Christmas activities.
Frost and decorate cookies- I decided to take the easy route and picked up precut cookies from Gordon Food Service. Cody baked them ahead of time so all we would have to do was decorate when the time came.
I put sprinkles into salt and pepper shakers, so they wouldn’t come out so fast. There also could choose peanut m&m’s, regular m&m’s, and crushed candy canes from mortar and pedestal work.
I didn’t think 3 shakers would be enough for 13 kids, so I found a new idea for all the old empty playdoh containers I’ve saved through the years. ¬†I cleaned them out and used scissors to poke holes on the top, and a homemade shaker. I also decided they would be great for glitter so when we are done using them for sprinkles that is what I will be using them for.
We had 2 different stations, the first one was for frosting the cookies.
The second station was cookie decorating
The older girls were such a big help, and didn’t really want their pictures taken, but I managed to sneak in a couple ūüėČ
¬†Serena frosted Gabe’s cookie for him, it was to hard for him to do on his own, but he did decorate with sprinkles on his own.
Gabe very happy we were finally eating cookia’s as he calls them.

Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Salt dough ornaments- We followed THIS recipe for the dough, rolled it out and had the kids cut out into whatever shapes they wanted, here were the cookie cutter choices.
This is the tray of decorations they could add before they went into the oven
 All the ornaments ready to go in the oven. I forgot to have the kids put the holes into their ornaments before decorating them and it caused a couple of the ornaments to be hung upside down, so I suggest having them put the holes in right after cutting them out. The recipe said they would need to bake for 3-5 hours, but after 2 hours they were done.
One of the paint trays (really a deviled egg tray) for painting the ornaments when done baking.
Everyone hard at work.
Finished creations! They turned out so beautiful! After they dried we tied ribbon through the hole, to hang them from the tree with.
Rice Wreath Ornaments: I seen THIS ornament online and had all the materials, so I thought this would be a perfect and unique ornament.
 We started by mixing about 1/3 cup glue, and green food coloring together, then added about 1 cup rice and mixed well in a plastic cup till it was well coated. The recipe said to pour the mixture onto wax paper buy upon going and getting the wax paper out, I discovered one of my wonderful children put an empty roll away, so instead I used some plastic sandwich bags but in the end, the sandwich bags were easier to get them off of then the wax paper. After the mixture was poured onto the plastic bags I really thought there was to much glue, every time the kids pushed the rice out of the center some of the glue would seep back into the middle, but once it dried it was fine.
Put about a 1/2 cup of the mixture onto the bag/wax paper. Use a popsicle stick to shape into a wreath.
¬†Add “holly” leaves onto your wreath.¬†You can use anything red for the “berries” we used what we had on hand red buttons, beads, and holly jewels.
Let dry for about 24 hours, and use ribbon to hang from tree. The completed project. How beautiful!
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  1. I helped 20 Kindergartners in my daughters class make the rice wreaths, they turned out cute, but it was a lot more work than what I thought it would be especially since she had styrofoam cups and the kids kept poking holes in the bottom of them! Yours turned out cute!

  2. Sara that sure sounds like a lot of fun, and craziness! I would have never thought about the foam cups till it was a disaster, matter of fact we usually only have styrofoam cups. For some reason kids love to poke holes and bite styrofoam.


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