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I though it would be fun to give you a look into what our crazy homeschool schedule really looks like around here this year. This season in our lives is a very busy one, we have many different therapies for multiple kids weekly, gymnastics at least 3 days a week, and more. We also have 2 working teenagers 1 of which needs to be drove back and forth to work, at least 5 days a week.

Added into our already crazy weekly schedules not listed below is dentist, orthodontists, specialists, doctors, eye doctors appointments and more. Honestly it can make my head spin sometimes to think about it all.

Every year our schedule looks different, depending on what is going on in our lives. I have learned to be flexible, go with the flow, and trust that God’s grace gets me through whatever comes our way. We always allow extra weeks in our homeschool schedule to take off when life’s unexpected problems arise, surgeries come up, or people get sick in our house.

Crazy Homeschool Schedule This Year

Because our life is busy we started making monthly freezer meals so I don’t have to worry about getting dinner ready every night on top of our busy schedule. I pull out our dinner out of the freezer before bed the night before, I put it in the crock pot in the morning, and it is ready in time for dinner. This one less thing I have to worry about is such a blessing!

Our Crazy Homeschool Schedule

While each of our days are different from each other, our morning and evening routines are pretty much the same. So instead of adding them into each days schedule I have separated them.

Every Weekday Morning 

7-8 ~ I wake up get my morning meds and first cup of coffee in me read some of my bible or work on a women’s bible study. The 2 little boys play and sometimes watch TV, until everyone else is woken up

8~ Wake Up Kids Time ~ Wake up the kids who are not already awake. This usually is everyone except the 2 little ones.

8:15-9 Breakfast/Morning Chores ~  Everyone eats breakfast and does their morning zones and chores

10AM/3:30PM/8PM ~ Snack Time ~ This is our snack times every day.


Evening Routine

This is our every day evening routine for most days. On Wednesday nights the schedule is pushed back an hour because youth group is from 7-8,  and every other Monday since Cody’s group is from 5-6 and we eat before he leaves.

3:30-5:00 ~ Free Time ~ Most of the kids are free to do anything at this time that is a screen free activity at this time. If anyone hasn’t finished school before lunch this is when they would work on it.

5:00-6:00 ~ Dinner/Clean Up ~ Eat dinner and then after dinner chores and zones.

6-7 ~ Free Time ~ Most of the kids are free to do anything at this time that is a screen free activity.

7-8 ~ Little Boy’s Bedtime Routine ~ This is when the younger 2 boys get their before bed routine done. Medicines/bath/shower/PJ’s/Snack/Brush teeth.

8-8:30 ~ Story Time ~ Mom or dad read stories to the 2 younger boys (usually I will read stories and my awesome husband will go and pick Dustin up from work).

8:30 ~ Bedtime ~Bedtime for the 2 youngest boys.

8:30-10:00 ~ Older Kids Screen Time ~ Older kids will take showers, get their snack, take meds, and brush teeth. Once they are finished with that they get their screen time for the day. They can watch something on  Netflix/HULU/Amazon or they can use the Kindle/computer. This is also the time of night I have great talks with my teenagers without being interrupted by little ones every couple minutes.

10 ~ Bedtime ~ Older kids head to bed.


Monday Schedule

9-10:40 ~ School ~ Because we don’t have to many days during the week that I don’t have therapy early in the morning we are very strict on getting started on time the days we are at home. The older kids get to work on their own independent studies. I do Mother Goose Time with the boys and after that they get started on their independent work. Some Mondays Ethan doesn’t have time to do anything except his speech and MGT, so we just go with the flow.

10:40-12:15 ~ Ethan Speech therapy. Ethan goes to speech therapy. The 4 older kids finish working on their school work at this time. I check it later in the day to make sure everything really got done for the day  😉 !

11:30-12:00 ~ Lunch Time ~ Lunch, lunch clean up, and zones. The kids at home make, eat, and work on lunch clean up. They make Ethan a lunch to go, that he eats in the car since we don’t get back from therapy until around 12:15.

12:30-3:30 ~ Gymnastics ~ From 1-3 Serena, Dustin, Anthony, and Ethan are in class preparing for competition season, Cody takes the class but isn’t doing competitions. Gabe goes with us and sits with me enjoying some screen time on the Kindle or reading stories while the kids are in class. Dustin stays at the gym and gets picked up from work at  8:15.

4:15-4:45 ~ Dinner/Clean Up ~ Early dinner on Monday nights because Cody has group therapy at 5 every other Monday. After dinner the kids do their after dinner chores and recheck their zones.

4:45-6:15 ~ Group Therapy ~ Cody Group therapy



Tuesday Schedule

Our schedule on Tuesday is one of our busiest days, at least in the morning. Ethan and Cody both have many therapies this day.

9:00-9:20 ~ School ~ Because we leave early this day, I help Gabe get started working on his independent studies. I also make sure the older kids morning chores were done, and that they are working on school before we head out.

9:20-1:30 ~ Therapy and Appointments ~ Cody and Ethan meet with their psychologist and also their OT’s. When Ethan is in between appointment we work on his school in the office or outside at the picnic table if it is warm out. Cody finishes most of his school before we leave since he likes to get up earlier then normal on these mornings so he doesn’t have to bring his work. He will occasionally have 1 or 2 classes left to finish while Ethan is back for therapy.

Older Kids School Time ~ While we are at therapy Gabe works independently on his classes with help from older siblings on his story problems for math. The rest of the kids work independently to finish their work. This USUALLY works well 😉 !

12:00 ~ Lunch ~  Tuesday is make your own lunch day. While we are gone at therapy the kids will make lunch (for themselves and someone gets Gabe lunch), they eat, and then work on clean up.

12:30 ~ Serena drops Dustin off at work ~ Since he helps coach the homeschool rec team he has to be to the gym early on Tuesdays. I’m still at therapy at this time so Serena drives him for me. On Tuesdays he stays there until 7:45.

1:15 ~ Get Home from therapy/Late Lunch ~ Lunch for the 2 kids who were at therapy then lunch chores and zones.

1:30-3:30 ~ Quiet Time Younger Boys ~ History/Bible/Geography with older boys ~ This is the time that the little boys read stories or rest in their bed, then get their screen time. I work with the older boys on History/Geography/Bible during this time. Since Dustin is at work during our class he does it after he gets home for the night.

If we get done early with class I make any phone calls, do any paperwork that needs to be done, or work on blogging.



Every Tuesday night me and Jake go out on a date night. We go out to dinner and sometimes, we go out somewhere together. Once a month one of the kids get to join us and choose where we go for the night. That means mom and dad to themselves which they love 🙂 .


Wednesday Schedule

9AM~11:30 School ~  I start with Mother Goose Time with the boys we do Tuesdays and Wednesdays work. After that they get started on their independent work. The older kids start on their school, and I work with them on their classes as they need my help or teaching.

11:30 Early Lunch ~ We have to be out the door by 12:30 so we start lunch half an hour earlier to make sure everything gets done before we leave.

12:30-3:30 ~ Gymnastics ~ Same as Mondays, 5 of the kids do gymnastics class, Gabe sits with me using screen time or reading stories. Dustin stays until 7:40 and coaches his classes.


6:45-8:15 ~ Youth Group ~ Cody, Anthony, Ethan, and Gabe all go to youth group. Bedtime routines for the younger 2 start right after they get home.


Thursday Schedule

9AM-10:40AM ~ School ~  I do Mother Goose Time with the boys and then they get started on their independent work. The older kids work independently on their classes and I help teach them their classes in between teaching the younger boys.

11:00 Early Lunch ~ Thursdays we have an even earlier lunch because we have to be to gymnastics at 12:30. After lunch the kids try to get their chores and zones done before we leave.

12:00-3:00 ~Open Homeschool Gymnastics ~ Our Thursday class is different. They have a homeschool class, followed by 1 1/2 hours of open homeschool gym. Some of the kids use this time to practice for upcoming competitions, others enjoy playing with friends. Dustin stays at the gym until 10:00 on Thursdays to help with team practice and get some practice time in.

3:45PM-5:15PM ~ Group Therapy Ethan ~ Every other Thursday night we have group therapy for Ethan.


Friday Schedule

This is the ONLY day of the week that I don’t have therapy or gymnastics. This means as many as possible misc. appointments will be scheduled this day.

9AM-12:00PM ~ School ~  I do Mother Goose Time with the boys and then they get started on their independent work while the older kids work on their independent studies. We try to work up until lunch time to make sure we get all the weeks work done. We do take a 15-20 minute break around 10:30 to get the wiggles out and have a snack.

12:00PM-1:00PM ~ Lunch ~ Kids eat lunch and get their lunch chores and zones done.

1:00-3:00 ~ Quiet Time ~ All the kids have quiet time. Anyone who still has school to finish for the week, will get it done during this time. If they don’t have work to get done they will read books, rest, or get their screen time.


Our weekends are always full of 1 thing or another, but there isn’t a strict routine on those days. 1 Weekend a month is spent making our Monthly freezer meals, during competition season we usually have a competition once a month somewhere around our state or one close by. During the spring, summer, and fall we spend Saturday mornings down at the local farmers market, with any of the kids that want to go with us.


Head over to our Homeschool Resources page to see what our schedule has looked like in past years, to see our top 10 homeschool resources, see how we plan our homeschool year out, what curriculum we are using for the year, and all of the other homeschool posts I have done through out the years.


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  1. Wow!!! You are so amazing. 🙂 My children also have their zone areas where they clean up. It makes life flow so easy. I love homeschooling because my children are able to learn life skills. Most of my friends who don’t homeschool are always amazed at how much my children help me with. We also do date night with just the two of us. It is usually on Wednesday when all the kids go to Awana. We also take one child with just mommy and daddy for a day out. They love this the most. They always say that it has been their favorite day. My children are not doing any extra activities this year. I just take them to Awana and my son to youth group on Sunday night. Maybe later we will add more things but I have done that before and it can be overwhelming. Thanks for inspiring. You always do…:)

    • Thank you so much! It sure does make life much easier when everyone has their own “zones” doesn’t it. That is something we love about homeschooling too! The life and daily skills they learn is not something they would be able to receive at such an intimate level as when they are homeschooled. My kids often surprise people too, they always comment on how nice and well spoken they are. It’s amazing how much taking 1 child at a time out on a special night really means to them, my kids so look forward to it. The thought of the kids doing more activities was overwhelming to me at first. Now I see how much they love it, as well as how much physical activity they are getting and it makes me happy. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a blessed week!

    • Amanda,
      It sure can be overwhelming at times, especially when mom gets sick. It all fits together perfectly most days. Although being flexible sure is something that needs to be done regularly!! I keep it all straight with a written yearly calendar and then put it up on our giant marker board for the week. Most of our activities are done every week at the same time, so that makes things a little easier. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week!!


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