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We are making some changes this year for school. I have spent my summer researching and educating myself on the Montessori Method, and that is what a lot of our school will be this year.
I am currently taking Karen Tyler’s montessori training class for 3-6 year olds and am loving it. I have learned so much and the manuals are just an amazing resource! My Montessori lessons will be following Karen’s albums or the Gettman Manual. We will also be doing some lapbooks, and using some of the ideas from some of the wonderful blogs online!
Dustin (6th grade), Cody (4th grade), Anthony (2nd grade)
These are the added classes the older boys will have, everything else will be montessori, lapbooks, or anything else we think may be a good fit for them.
History/ Geography/ Bible:    Mystery of History, Volume 1 Creation Through Resurrection, we will be using the timeline resources, coloring pages, and Lapbooks.
Handwriting:  Hand Writing Without Tears. Anthony- Printing Power, Cody- Cursive Handwriting, Dustin- Can Do Cursive
Spelling:  Anthony and Cody: All About Spelling- level 1, Dustin- level 2.
Writing:   Writing Strands Level 3
Kid Coder Series: Computer programing curriculum for kids. Windows Programing and Game Programing


How Does Your Engine Run:  Test Drive, Take 5, Alert Bingo, Alert Go Fish!,  Teaching children how to self regulate. All given to us for review!!!!


I will be adding some complete comprehensive curriculum pages for the kids to give them some work pages to follow (and to give me an idea of exactly what they need to be doing for the year)
Ethan: ECSE
We had a lot of debates with what to do with Ethan this year, last year he was part of the Early On school and the therapists would come to the house to give him his PT and OT, he also took a transitions class with me at school, in April he turned 3, which means he is released to the public schools instead of Early On, graciously they let him stay at the school through the summer. Now the school recommendation is that we enroll Ethan in a half day of Early Childhood Special Education through the public school, for preschool and his PT and OT, after much prayer and debating, we have decided that Ethan will go to the school for his OT and PT only, and we will be keeping him home to do school with the rest of the kids. I will be mainly woking on Montessori 3-6 with Ethan, some tot school, lap books, or anything else I think he may enjoy learning from.
Ethan will be starting the Montessori Language program this year, before he turned 3 he already knew all his letter sounds so this year we are going to work on pre-reading skills.  We will be adding speech into a lot of the language program to help with his speech apraxia, Sign Language/Visual charts to help him to be able to communicate better with everyone until his speech gets better.
We also will be doing Sensory Integration Therapy, working with emotions and how to express them in an appropriate way, and anything else that comes up along the way!
Gabriel: 22 months
Lots of practical life, fine motor skills, music and finger plays, and starting some tot school.
Serena: 8th Grade
After much prayer for the last year I finally felt that God was telling it was the time, so I finally signed Serena up for  One of the very good schools around here actually has signed up with k12 and that is where she will be going through.  I have been very pleased and also quite surprised at how wonderful this program is.
Serena is going into 8th grade, but they are having her take 9th grade Science and 9th grade French and get high school credit for them, in her 8th grade year to free up time in her 12th year! They send you all the materials you need, computer, printer, books (student and teacher), science materials , art materials etc…  She will also have the ability to be part of any of the sports or extra curricular activities that the school has.  They keep all the records and do all the SAT/ACT testing and actually graduate with the rest of the school.  I couldn’t think of a better fit for us, still homeschooling without the cost and record keeping of the High School Years!
 I was unsure what we would do with the kids once they got into the High School years, being patient and waiting for God has shown me that he is continuing to lead us on our journey.
She is currently taking
Math: Algebra
English: Literary Analysis and Composition: Vocabulary, Literature, Composition, and Grammar
History: Intermediate World History B
Science:  High School Earth Science
Music: Music Appreciation
Foreign Language: High School French

Thank you for sharing!!



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