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Snowman Craft Ideas and Our Hands

We had my almost 3 year old niece join us on Monday and Tuesday for school, while my sister and brother in law were moving. It made our morning a little crazy, because Gabe knew we were busy with keeping everyone  busy, and kept running off to get into trouble, but it was fun. We are starting our studies on the Human Body this week, starting with our hands, we talked about all the things we do with our hands, and experimented with not using our thumbs to pick things up. The kids picked up a little crayon box, and said this isn’t to bad, but when they had to pick up a ball they started to see how useful our thumbs are 🙂
I added our Hand puzzle to the shelves.
We talk about what each finger was called as they pull them out and put them back.
I made some “hand” nomenclature cards for the kids, later in the week they will be making a hand book. To make things a little more difficult for Serena and Dustin I also had them learn the 3 different bone segments in the hand and learn the scientific name for the fingers, “phalanges.”
  • Tip segment: Distal phalanx.
  • Middle segment: Middle phalanx.
  • Bottom segment: Proximal phalanx
The kids sorted seasonal clothes (can’t remember where I found these, if someone knows please let me know so I can add the link.)
Circle drawn on back of cards with colored permanent markers for control of error.
Our Art for the day was to a snowman craft ideas. So we started our day reading about teasing, and then 2 snowman stories.
We used blue paper for the “sky” cotton balls for the snowman’s body, buttons for his buttons, beans for the mouth and nose, and googley eyes for the eyes. The older kids helped the little ones work on this.
We used the hexagon metal inset to make snowflakes.
I added a basket of winter clothes to the class for the kids to practice getting dressed in their winter clothes. There is a couple pairs of gloves, mittens, a scarf, hats, and a pair of boots.
Open and Close Containers: I added some new “open and close” containers for the kids, with some winter and valentines surprises hidden inside.
Tweezing erasers: The kids tweeze the erasers into the heart ice cube tray
Ethan was very excited to work on this.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. Wow – great lessons and learning experiences! Sounds like quite the challenge to pick up a ball without using thumbs. Gonna remember that for when our children start learning about human body.


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