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This week for the Back To School Blog hop being hosted by iHomeschool Network the topic being shared is School Room Week. So of course that means we are going to give you a look into our homeschool room.



Great Homeschool Organization and Storage Ideas. A look into how we store all of our homeschool curriculum, supplies, some great organization ideas, and more.

Great homeschool organization and storage ideas

Our Homeschool Library, well this is just one of them. In the post you will get a look at all our different areas we store our many books.

Homeschool School Room-54

So our classroom… We actually don’t have a designated school room anymore. Our old schoolroom is now just a storage for our homeschool items and books. Our classroom is wherever our learning takes us. So today I am going to give you a glimpse of some of our favorite places to learn, because in our homeschool learning is always happening.

A Look Into Our Homeschool Classroom


“An observant child should be put in the way of things worth observing.” Charlotte Mason


School starts at the kitchen table in the morning. It looks something like this.


Now, it often actually looks like this. A baby happily playing on the table watching everyone work, and Gabe usually has noise canceling headphones on because the noise is just too distracting for him.our-classroom-is-everywhere-36

Some days the kids might do school on the rug on the living room floor, maybe even using our monthly Mother Goose Time counters instead of our Math-U-See blocks.


We do a TON of learning in our kitchen. Matter of fact every 5 weeks we cook dinners to keep in the freezer, and all the kids help make the meals and food.


Each month we make muffins and bread from scratch to keep in the freezer for our 5 week food menu. So we spend about half a day mixing and baking it all. The boys help do all the work for this. It is a great learning experience for all of them!our-classroom-is-everywhere-37

We also make our own homemade freezer biscuits.


Every year we pick about 100lbs of strawberries and make our own strawberry freezer jam for a whole year (yes we eat a lot of jam) all the kids help hull, wash, and cut all of them. It is about a 2-3 day process.

All the kids learn to cut veggies and fruits at an early age using Montessori tools that fit their small hands. So they will usually help with meal and snack prep.

our-classroom-is-everywhere-23 our-classroom-is-everywhere-10


Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.  Albert Einstein


Much of our learning is spent outdoors on trails, in our backyard, or at nature preserves.

our-classroom-is-everywhere-18 our-classroom-is-everywhere-17
our-classroom-is-everywhere-12 tbt-instagram-5.jpeg tbt-instagram-4.jpeg

our-classroom-is-everywhere-35 our-classroom-is-everywhere-28 outdoor-discovery-center-mothers-day-6.jpeg.jpeg


In apple orchards picking apples.our-classroom-is-everywhere-14

Finding things during our explorations and viewing them on the microscope when we get home.


At the farm exploring and learning about the animals.



Growing and picking things in the garden.our-classroom-is-everywhere-6 our-classroom-is-everywhere-7

Learning how to do routing maintenance and repair on vehicles.


Learning how to use power tools.our-classroom-is-everywhere-8

Yes, even the youngest ones use tools in our house.
instagram-april-8.jpeg.jpeg festival-1.jpeg

Building things and then decorating them, or just sporadically making an art creation.



Playing board games, cards, or other games wherever is comfortable.


Learning at the kitchen table, in costumes.

our-classroom-is-everywhere-31 our-classroom-is-everywhere-30 our-classroom-is-everywhere-25

Reading wherever is most comfortable, which can be the car or even the beach!



“Children are born with all the curious they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.” Charlotte Mason


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