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As I mentioned in a previous post I have moved Gabe’s trays off of a book shelf, and added our Science Unit Studies to the shelves. This is a look at those new science shelves! On them currently are our Human Body Montessori Activities.
 The top shelf has our skeleton model and nomenclature cards, the 5 layer body puzzle, and the 2 book I made from Reading A-Z. Inside Your Body, and Jenna Loves Yoga (to go along with our daily yoga).
The second shelf down we have our Nutrition Labeling activity, see it more in depth in a previous post. Next to that is our Hands Puzzle.
The third shelf down has our vegetable and fruit sort felt set, next to that is The Food I Eat book I made from Reading A-Z.
We have our Skeleton Model and our Skeletal nomenclature cards from Montessori Print Shop, next to that is the 5 layer Human Body puzzle.
Here is a close up of the Skeletal Nomenclature Cards.
Close up of the 3 books I printed off and bound together to use for leveled readers for our Human Body Unit. All 3 came from Reading
I found this great book at Sams Club last week that is now on our Human Body book shelf, it has amazing pictures, lots of facts and comes with the posters in the 2 pictures below!
Both posters have been a great reference to the kids when it has come to naming bones, and muscles!

Our Favorite Human Anatomy Resources on Amazon

We have used the following products in our Human Anatomy units above as you will see in the posts, some of them are added products that we have found very useful in follow up units.

  • Some Body Board Game
  • Blood and Guts ~ great teachers guide for your next human anatomy unit
  • Magic School Bus Human Body board game
  • The Body Book ~ from Scholastic to make hands on human anatomy projects




  • Squishy Human Body study kit
  • Muscular System 1000 piece puzzle ~ Great for older kids
  • Human Body layers puzzle ~ Great for younger kids to understand the different layers of the body
  • Human Anatomy Coloring Book ~ Very detailed coloring book great for kids to do while listening to stories!



  • My first human body book ~ Great learning ideas for younger kids
  • Human Anatomy Models Set ~ Hands on way to learn different anatomy parts
  • Human Body Felt Set ~ Great addition to add to your own DIY Felt Board
  • Human Body Encyclopedia ~ By DK Kids



Our human body Pinterest board has lots of other great Human Anatomy ideas, stop over and check it out!

Follow Mama Of Many Blessings’s board Human Anatomy / Human Body Unit on Pinterest.
Do you know of some great Human Body resources? I would love to hear about them, leave a comment with a link to your resources for other to see! Don’t have a blog? Just leave your idea in the comments!


Thank you for sharing!!



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