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Our New Montessori Homeschool Classroom

We are not completly done with the new Montessori homeschool classroom for the year, but I figured everything is where it belongs for the most part, so I figured I would share.
To the right of the entry door into the room, there are 2 book shelves in an L shape with a table (old train table)  in the middle for the kids to have a close table to work at if they choose.
Montessori Homeschool Classroom
The first book shelf is the Math shelf: 
The top shelf: has an ocean themed clothes pin game and a mini spindle set.
The second shelf down: has the large Number cards, Introduction to decimal system, Binomial Cube, and an ocean themed even/odd game.
The third shelf down: has a ocean domino game, the single bead tray, teen bead stair tray, and a shape ladder that needs to go over on the sensorial shelves.
The last shelf down: has the wooden hundred and thousand squares, and eventually the bead set that is still upstairs.
The second shelf is the Language shelf, and a few practical life materials that haven’t been moved where they belong yet.
Top Shelf: Large Moveable Alphabet
First shelf: Sandpaper letters and sand tracing tray, Double sandpaper letters
Third Shelf: Metal insets tracing tray, and insets (purchased a plastic set from Discount School Supply)
the rest of the materials are all practical life materials that need to be moved over to the practical life shelf.
A better view of the moveable alphabet from the top. After getting this I decided the small moveable alphabet would have been just as good, it is very large, you only see the top layer, and it takes up the whole top shelf!
As you continue around the room, I have the book shelf full of books that needs to be gone through and organized still and then a reading nook made.
 Then our version of the workbox system.  I found the drawers on sale at Michaels for $35 and then had a coupon for 25% off, so I ended up getting them for about $25 each! I reorganized the drawers so that each kid has their own set of 5 drawers all the same color and then I have 5 different color drawers.
 What I put in my drawers is, my papers in the process of being laminated, misc items I am putting together for our next theme, any paperwork I need to get filled out etc…
  On the top of the drawers I have a folder organizer that I put the kids chalkboards, and the marker boards in, next to it I have the erasers and chalk, they have to get the dry erase markers from mom, dry erase markers are not easy to get off skin and walls!!  I also have the globes on top and our American flag will go up there to. I had to find somewhere to put them up since Gabe has decided that Montessori Globes are “balls” lol.
Next I have 1 part to big 3 piece desk set I found on Craigs List for very cheap! This is a desk for the kids to work at, along the back I have, a paper sorter with all of our different types of paper, I have each section labeled with what type of paper so its easier for the kids to find, I put a foil star sticker next to the drawing paper so Ethan who cannot read yet (and eventually Gabe) can easily find drawing paper and not the tracing paper 🙂   Next, I have a Stack-On DSLB-60 60 Bin Plastic Drawer Parts Storage Organizer Cabinet, Light Blue
that I am storing all of the littler print outs in for the Pink, Blue and Green series I really liked this one because it had medium size drawers not the smaller ones.  On top are our Bibles for easy access, and the Dry Erase Board.
As we continue along we have the door that leads to Serena’s work area, the kids art area, and my school storage (that post another day) Next we have built in shelves, the top shelf still has all the boys play sets on it, those will eventually be rotated in the playroom upstairs.  The rest of the shelves will hold all the Sensorial materials.
The top shelf has all my dressing boards (bought from Discount School Supply) I couldn’t get myself to spend the money for actual dressing frames, so I thought this was a good alternative, and the knobless cylinders.
The second shelf is the rough and smooth boards, and knobbed cylinders
The bottom shelf has baric tablets,  thermic tablets, fabric box, and the touch and match sensory board.
On the floor next to the shelves is the Pink tower
the 3rd shelf section in the built in shelves is storage for my things, I have a few tubs of Misc different things we need to be able to get out on a daily basis.  I have our Grammar Farm stored down on the floor, and a cart system the smaller drawers, have extra pens, markers, and are really kind of store all drawers, the big drawers have sand and water toys in 1, bubble blowers and anything bubble related in another, and Grammar farm items in another.
Next is my desk, or an extra desk for anyone needing somewhere to work, seeings how I’m sure I won’t be actually sitting there much during school.
This is the downstairs practical life materials you can read about these on HERE on another post.
This is the upstairs practical life shelves, they are in the kitchen for easy access.
The top shelf: Is the kids water they can help them selves to, and any different pouring containers the kids would need, in the basket I have the little kids kitchen utensils.
The second shelf down: are the little cups, plates, and bowls
The third shelf down: A basket with the small silverware, their separated dinner plates, and small rags for spills
The fourth shelf down: has a small colander, a few small shaped baking pans the kids use to bake with, and the socks that need to be gone through to find matches (which need to desperately be done in this picture)
This is the second math shelf
 On the top shelf: the Long Division Board and The Dot Practice,
Second shelf down: Addition Strip Board, Multiplication Bead board
Third shelf down: the Bank Game, and Ten Bead Hanger
Fourth Shelf down: Sandpaper Number cards, Subtraction Strip Board
Fifth Shelf down: empty for now
Lastly we have the science table:
For now I have along the back the 2 most current little kids National Geographic magazines, the ocean basket, frog puzzle, ocean felt set, in the front pocket of the table,  the 2 most current copies of National Geographic and National Geographic Kids.
Here is a better look from the top of the table.
We are also in the process of putting together our continent boxes, I will post when they are done.

Thank you for sharing!!



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