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As I have mentioned a few times in the last couple weeks, I have been making some changes to our school room. My plan was to cut our school room down by half and have the other half be an area be our “sensory room.” Slowly but surely this project has come along, and last week we were able to do school down in our homeschool school room again!
Here is a snapshot of what our room looked like before, It was great to have a big open area for the kids, but it was also very inticing for the little ones to come and trash while we were not doing school. Read more about how we previously had our school room set up.
Here is a look at the left side of the room,
Here is the look at the right side of the room.
Here is a picture of the wall of shelves that house all of our Montessori Materials now. The very top shelf on the right is our Test Tube Division board, Multiplication Board, and Dot Board. To the left is where we store lots of different kinds of paper, and on the far left of the top shelf is 4 different storage boxes that hold teachers manuals and workbooks that are used weekly.
The far right of the shelves is mostly our Montessori Math materials, except for the Leap Frog reading card games
The middle shelves have some of our Math materials and then other misc. Montessori materials. I am only keeping a couple Practical Life trays in the school room, the rest have been moved upstairs to the shelves in the kitchen.
The far left shelf is the rest of the Montessori Materials, the top shelf is 2 of the 3 practical life trays and our magnetic rings that are very loved by all the kids.
I decided our Science shelves get used regularly, so that is something I wanted to keep in the new class, it has been moved, but will be used for housing all of our current Science study materials.
This shelf I decided to keep for our Misc. work that I have for the kids to work on. These are non Montessori except a couple of the materials
These are my storage drawers, I purchase 3 of them from Michaels when they were 50% off and then used a 25% off coupon, so I purchased them for about $15! Each child is assigned to a color of drawers   and whatever workpages they have to do for the day are added to those drawers, as you can see near the end of the year some of the kids need to go through and clean their drawers out!
Here are 3 of my storage drawer systems labeled with what is stored inside them.
Here we have our Peg Board wall, a desk for the kids to work at, and on the far left are Gabe’s Tot drawers.
The desk was extended out which makes only a small walkway between the school room and the sensory room, but it has been a wonderful way to deterr the little boys from trashing my school room while they are playing 😉 It also adds another desk to the room.
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Thank you for sharing!!


  1. It looks wonderful!!! We did a major overhaul about a year or so ago. So much fun. We’ll be doing it again in October when we move to a new house. Can’t wait!

    Popping in from Pre-K corner

    • Thank you, I will let you know it looks wonderful in the pictures, but by the end of every week it looks like a tornado went through it! It’s a never ending battle to keep the school room picked up with little ones around who are still learning to put things back where they belong.
      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by, have a wonderful week!

  2. […] a way that will work for us since moving our school from the entire main floor to the lower level. We first set the room up so that all the toys were upstairs and the whole area was the school room. That didn’t work well, since the little boys would sneak down and make a huge mess of the […]


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