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Last week was a long week, 4 of the kids picked up the cold going around the house and now I have it as well. We will be finishing up our “States Of Matter” studies today, and moving onto Classification, cells, and DNA this week, not sure how long we will be on the unit probably 2 weeks to take it all in.
 We woke up to our first snowfall this past week, Ethan was outside for hours shoveling all the snow in the back yard, great heavy work for him!
Gabe has been showing a lot of interest in the knobbed cylinders lately. It still takes him a while, but he eventually gets them all in.
I try to do letter of the week activities with Ethan in the morning to go along with what letter he is working on at school for the week. Kids Soup has been a wonderful resource for fun printables. I purchased empty bingo bottles from Discount School Supply and filled them with water colors myself it is quite a bit cheaper.
On this page Ethan had to dot the Big letter G’s red and the little letter g’s green, this was an activity he really enjoyed. While Ethan did this Gabe threw a fit because he wanted to use the dot markers to, so I got a blank sheet of paper for him to dot on to.
I have been having Anthony practice spelling the months, to do so he uses some of the calendar labels we have, puts them in order and then writes them down on his sheet of paper in order.
This is still one of Gabe’s favorite activities, he plays with it almost daily.
I found some snowflake garland at the thrift store, it is a really long strand of snowflakes with string holding them all together. I cut a small strand of the snowflakes for Ethan and gave him some scissors and he had so much fun cutting the snowflakes off. They were added to his ornament collage he made.
I printed off a bunch of ornaments from Kids Soup for our “Christmas” decorations for the month, gave Gabe some watercolors and let him paint.
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  1. anthatsfamily- Thank you for the get well wishes. Yes, home made Dot markers have saved me a lot of money, I was leery to try them not knowing how well they would work, but have been very pleased with them and you can use the liquid watercolors for blank stamp pads to!

    We Can Do All Things- Thank you for your compliment, with all the ages of kiddos we have we are always doing such a variety of things, Im glad others are able to use the ideas as well.


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