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Have you noticed the changes I made on the blog?? I finally took the plunge and changed things over, I still have a little messing around to do before it is completely finished, but for now most of the major changes are done. If anyone finds any links not working properly please let me know! I would love to hear any feedback on the new design.
Things have been busy around here! The kids have been just enjoying the hot weather and no planned school (other than trying a few new fun programs) I cannot wait to get back on our school schedule, because my kids seem to do so much better when we have a schedule we follow. I am still in planning and prep mode, I have Serena’s work for the year chosen and printed out and bound into homemade books for any classes needed. I am working on a post about choosing classes for High Schoolers and which ones we choose for the year!
We decided to try out the Outdoor Discovery Center that is only about 45 min away from us one day so the kids could explore. It was a beautiful place that everyone enjoyed, not only do they have 100 acres for the kids to explore, they also have a few different play areas for the kids. The pavilion was a wonderful shady spot to have a picnic dinner, except the kids were having so much fun exploring that they only came to grab food and then went back to playing 🙂
Dustin found a frog and showed Gabe where to see it.
If you look very close there is a beaver on the land, we were able to see a few of them building their den.
The boys looking under the dock checking for frogs.
Everyone crowding around the pond looking at the huge fish!
I love this picture! 2 boys and their daddy!
After the kids spotted big fish in the pond Serena decided to make her own fishing pole using things found in nature. She used a long stick as the pole, used grass and made fishing line out of it and then a thorn for the hook, of course complete with a worm.
Here is her line and worm on the thorn,

They almost caught a fish but Serena forgot to jerk the line so the fish ate the worm and the hook 🙂

Stop by and check out all the other wonderful blogs I am linked up with for other fun ideas to try with your kiddos!

Thank you for sharing!!


  1. What a perfect Country Kids post. Thank you for finding me and linking up, just my sort of family day. We too have 6 children and love the outdoors, hence I started the Country Kids linky to share the benefits of outdoor fun and exercise for children. Well done on the home schooling, I don’t think I could take that one on though it clearly works for you all, also now following your lovely bog x.

  2. What a great day and totally amazing spot. My little man would love it. I can just see him laying down with your boys looking for frogs – his favourite activity at the moment.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. Looks like lots of fun all round! Love the pic with three of your fellas with their hands on their hips – super adorable! And your new look is great, I like seeing the family in your header and your colour palette. Thakns for sharing at Happy Family Times!


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