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The last 2 weeks we have had lots of fun with our Mother Goose Time Curriculum in our new monthly theme, blast off to space.

Outer Space Learning Fun

This months manipulative’s were once again top quality! We received a balancing moon as well as foam stars. The quality of the manipulative’s we receive from Mother Goose Time continues to just amazes me.

The balancing moon set will be able to be used for many years to come in our homeschool! All of the kids have used this over the last couple weeks.

Outer Space Learning Ideas

Outer Space Learning Ideas

The look of concentration here is just priceless!

Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas

Oops… They all fell…IMG_0501

The boys have loved making and using their star wands.

P1160625 P1160626

Outer Space Learning Ideas

This has been one of the boy’s favorite activities during the first 2 weeks of our outer space theme. They made their own telescopes out of toilet paper tubes. Not only did they have fun decorating them, we also used the planets and constellations to play Name that planet or constellation game, after taping them up on the wall.Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0353 Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0360
Outer Space Learning Ideas




IMG_0363 Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0376


Outer Space Learning Ideas

IMG_0511Ethan arranging the planets and constellations on the table.

Outer Space Learning Ideas All of them double sided up above our giant marker board in the dining room.
Outer Space Learning Ideas

Every morning the boys star and planet gaze at them. Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas

We also found a great planet song on YouTube that we have been enjoying. It has been a fun and rememberable way to learn the different planets in the order they are from the sun.




Our second manipulative for the month were foam stars, the boys loved making different constellations with their foam stars.Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0464

First the boys worked together to cut out our cloud numbers. Then they each wanted to count out their own clouds instead of working together. That’s one of the joys of homeschool, we can change things around to what we want to do.
IMG_0574 IMG_0588 IMG_0590 IMG_0598 IMG_0603

Ethan’s name made with “clouds”.

Gabe spelled out his name with the “clouds” as well.IMG_0629

We made some very cute cloud pets.



Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0648 Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_0674 IMG_0676

What a great hands on sensory idea for kids. Making moon rocks. Of course they enjoyedIMG_0680 IMG_0683 IMG_0687 IMG_0691 IMG_0695 IMG_0710 IMG_0717 IMG_0720

Their completed moon rocks. Neither of them wanted to paint them.Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas

IMG_1008 Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_1169 Outer Space Learning Ideas IMG_1172

The boys decorated hot and cold Mercury. Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas Outer Space Learning Ideas

IMG_1339 IMG_1341

The boys loved making Alien hats, and of course they had to play with their hot and cold Mercuries and their star wands.
IMG_1348 IMG_1356


Gabe draws his pictures, comes up with at least 1 sentence and I write it down for him. This day he decided he wanted to make up 2 sentences.


This is one of the ways I expand the lessons on for Ethan, in his book each month I have him come up with what to write, I write it on our marker board and he copies it onto the page. I do add lines to the page so it’s easier for him.



This months reader. Both of the boys were able to read through the reader this month. They really enjoy getting a different story every month, I have seen an improvement in the amount of sight words Gabe is learning to read since starting Mother Goose Time Curriculum.IMG_1373 IMG_1385 IMG_1387

Each of the boys enjoy’s personalizing their monthly stories with their own picture at the end.IMG_1398 IMG_1401

We made our planet patterns using our monthly page. We regularly continue the pattern on until we have used the pieces up.

IMG_1407 IMG_1410 IMG_1411

The patterns activity was another great way to practice saying the planets in order.

Both of the boys enjoyed making astronaut pictures, both of them decided they were adding a whole person and not just the astronaut face. Either way they were proud of their finished products and thats what matters.IMG_1424 IMG_1427

Space Bingo was so much fun. You can see how excited Gabe got when he had a match lol!IMG_1430 IMG_1432 IMG_1435


Disclaimer: As a blog ambassador for Mother Goose Time Curriculum we receive their curriculum at no charge to me. In exchange we share how we are using the program in our house. We were not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are the honest opinions of my children or myself. Read my full disclosure for more information

Thank you for sharing!!



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