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This month we are working on Outer Space in our Mother Goose Time curriculum, we put together one of our old outer space sensory bins that I have already shared previously on the blog this month. We also put together another sensory bin for the kids they have really enjoyed.

What’s Inside the Space Bin?

We have used this bin in a couple different ways the first couple days we had water in the bin and used it as a water sensory bin, after those couple days we drained the water out of the bin and used it as a sand bin. It was a great way to extend the play of the bin and was great fun for the boys since they love both water and sand.

While we are playing we add in lots of fun learning ideas, for Ethan and Gabe both are practicing skip counting so we took the water beads and skip counted. We talked about even and odd groups of water beads. We discussed what each of the Space TOOB items were, what they are used for or do.

Outer Space Sensory Idea

Have you ever used moon sand? This is the first time we have used this type of moon sand. The sand does not get wet in the water, it was very interesting and inviting for the kids. It does form a layer of weird sand on the top that can get pretty messy, which is why we drained the water from the bin for the second day.Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea

Anthony even decided to play with the moon sand with the 2 younger boys. Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea

Here is the bin without the water. A whole new world of fun!
Outer Space Sensory Idea Outer Space Sensory Idea

I am lining up with these great linky parties, stop over for other great sensory ideas and other fun ideas to try with your kids.

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Thank you for sharing!!


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