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Welcome to another gift guide! This gift guide is for anyone who is looking for a gift idea for boys. Since I have 5 boys we have plenty of experience in what toys are worth the money and what ones are just not worth it. Most of the items on this list are Gift ideas that we have in our house, they are used regularly, and actually hold up to the use of boys. Because lets face it boys are just rougher with their things then girls are.

There is something on this list for everyone. From arts & crafts, to science kits, building sets, sensory items, and more. If your looking for gift ideas for the high spirited child, head over and check out my 50+ Gift Ideas for The High Spirited Child post.

100+ Gift Ideas For Boys

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Gift Ideas for Toddler /Preschool/Early Elementary Boys

  • Imaginext Sets ~ This is one of our top of the line all time favorite toys. We currently have many different main sets and a HUGE tote filled with smaller sets, guys, weapons, etc. My boys that are 4 love them and the 12 year old loves playing with them as well. The kids will set up the houses, and play with the sets on and off for  for days. While we have way to many sets to list in this post, below are a few of our top favorites.


  • Trio’s ~ While we have quite a few different sets of Trio’s in our house and they are a very loved toy but the kids, while I was on Amazon some of the sets of these are just ridiculously priced. I’m only sharing the sets that are reasonably priced.


  • Duplo Lego Sets ~ For the younger kids the LEGO Duplo bricks are the best for them in my opinion. We have tried different brands for the bigger blocks and LEGO brand is our favorite. Not only are the bricks bigger then regular bricks which make it easier for little hands to manage, but they are bigger so you don’t have to worry about them putting them in their mouth.


  • Gears, Gears, Gears ~ We finally purchased a set of Gears, Gears, Gears last year for Christmas, and this has become a household favorite now. This year we will probably add to our set because they have been so loved by many of the kids.


  • Drill and Design Activity Center ~ We also have purchased an extra drill so multiple kids can play. Drill and Design activity center have been a favorite for many years in our house. They are simple enough for toddlers to play but can be challenging enough for even the bigger kids.


  • Take Apart Crane ~ My kids love the different sets that you can take apart and put back together. This is one of our favorites. I store them in a small tote and they can be taken out only with supervision and have to be picked up when they are done. This is the only way we keep almost all of the pieces to sets with smaller pieces.
  • Kid Tough Explorer Binoculars ~ We head out for nature walks regularly once the weather starts warming up. The little kids love having their own pair of binoculars to use on the walks. The kid tough binoculars are build sturdy enough to hold up to the little ones dropping them and not breaking.
  •  Wooden Train Set ~ We have a huge train lover in our house, and every year for his birthday and Christmas he gets more and more Thomas and Friends wooden train set pieces. We started out with just a regular train set and have added to it over the years. We tried both plastic and wooden, and in my opinion wooden toys just hold up better most of the time with boys.


  • Marble Run ~ We received a marble run from MindWare for a review a while back, and it is another toy that is used regularly in our house. We also received the extension pieces so that multiple kids can either work together to build a big track or build 2 of their own tracks. Due to the marble that comes with a marble run, I would only recommend allowing a child that doesn’t put things in their mouth anymore to use this set, and still use complete adult supervision.


  • Little People ~ The younger kids love the Little People sets, we have quite a few of these that we get out when family or friends bring little ones.


  • Melissa and Doug toys are a favorite in our house, below are the top ones that get used by kids of all age groups. We love the puzzles they have they are sturdy and great quality, the sticker pad books are a great thing to bring along for a car ride to keep kids busy, the food sets we are slowly working to have only them in our kids kitchen set because they actually hold up to the use!


  • Leap Frog Tag Reader – This is a wonderful thing to use with kids that don’t know how to read, are working on learning to read, or even older kids. They have many different books and even learning activities for kids to use with the tag reader.


  • Kitchen set and things to go with the kitchen set ~ All of the kids and kid who come over to visit enjoy playing with our kitchen set. They cook meals for each other, play like they have a restaurant, and more. You can get Kitchen sets on sale for pretty  cheap around the Christmas season or Ikea has a wooden one that look really durable and is made of wood. Here are a few of our favorite things to use with our kitchen set. We also have many of the Melissa and Doug wooden food sets for use with our Kitchen set.


  • Sand and Water Toys ~ These are great to use in the sandbox, beach, bathtub, or in sensory bins. Sensory bins and tables are a great way to get the kids some sensory experiences during the winter months. We put a big waterproof mat down under the sensory bins or tables and it helps contain the mess.


  • Zoobs ~ This is one that we have only had for a couple years, but it is great to bring in the car for long car trips to keep the kids busy.


  • Play Dough Sets ~ Playdough is a very loved thing in our house. We make our own play dough and add essential oil scents to it. We do use play dough sets on occasion, but the kids really enjoy just using different tools and cookie cutters.


Gift Ideas For Older Boys

  • Lego Brick Sets ~ While we enjoy the Duplo Lego sets for the younger kids, the older kids love the smaller Lego Brick sets. Different kids have different likes so we have many different sets and most of the kids enjoy playing with the smaller Lego sets by about 4, but cannot put the sets together without help. The older boys enjoy collecting the Lord Of The Rings and Hobbit sets, the younger boys really like the Lego City sets. The smaller sets make for a great stocking stuffer gift idea!!

  • Lego Stocking Stuffers ~ Some of the smaller Lego Sets make a perfect stocking stuffer idea. There have been many times my kiddos have found some of these sets hidden inside of their stockings. Most of these sets are priced at $5 or less, there are a couple that are a little over $5 though.

  • Snap Circuits ~ We started with the smaller set of snap circuits to see if the kids would like them, well they were so well loved in this house by multiple kids that we have since then purchased a big set as well. Ethan who is 6 can put the designs together by himself, Gabe who just turned 5 still needs help when putting the designs together. This is a great hands on way to teach kids about circuits.


  • Science Kit ~ These great science kits are a great way for kids to learn about specific topics using hands on projects, it’s also great to pull out on a rainy or very cold day outside when the kids need something to keep them busy.


  • Art Set ~ My boys who love to draw and color love getting this huge art set.
  • Laser Tag
  • Magnetic Dartboard
  • Rubik’s Cube ~ A couple of my boys have a hard time sitting still during stories, or during car rides. This is a great thing to keep their hands busy. It also makes for a great stocking stuffer 😉


  • Nerf Dart Guns ~ We love running around the house and playing a game of tag with dart guns. I would also recommend getting dart refills because for some reason they vanish around the house.


  • Thinking Putty ~ This is another great thing to keep kids hands busy when they need to sit still and also makes a great stocking stuffer. My bit of advise would be not to let in on furniture or carpet unless you want Putty as a decoration on them. There are many different types of Thinking Putty, They have magnetic, heat sensitive, glow in the dark, and more!





  • Magnifying Glass


Board Games For Boys






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