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With so many great DIY gift ideas around the web that are easy to make and with how amazing some of the ideas are, I decided it would be fun to put together a list of over 50 from around the web in 1 big post. This will not only be useful for me when I am looking for some Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas, but hopefully be helpful for some of you when your looking for that special gift idea.

I think DIY Gift ideas are a wonderful thing to receive, they show all the hard work and love someone has put into making them. The ideas on this list would make wonderful Christmas gifts, but would also be perfect for anniversary, graduations, or birthday gifts as well. This list has been a few years in the making over on my DIY Gift Ideas Pinterest board, so I’m glad to finally share it with you. I previously shared a list of 15 Pinterest DIY Christmas gifts you can stop over and look through as well.

Over 50 Pinterest DIY Christmas Gifts
A list of over 50 Pinterest DIY Christmas gift ideas. These are great gift ideas that they will love. Something for everyone is on this list kids, parents, grandparents, spouse, and more!
  • #1 ~ Cute DIY Pins has a wonderful and simple idea on how to make a no sew DIY sleeping bag for kids.


  • #2 ~ What kid doesn’t love using paratroopers, even better if they don’t fall apart after using them a couple time like the paratroopers you can easily make using the tutorial over at Chez Beeper Bebe.



  • #4 ~ We all know boys love to use bow and arrows, this idea from Craft Interrupted would be a simple and inexpensive way to make a toy bow and arrows for a great gift idea.





  • #8 ~ What an adorable gift idea from My Frugal Adventure, get a coloring book and make some shaped DIY crayons and hand out to the kids in your child’s classroom or Sunday school class.



  • #10 ~ These Pajama Eater Pillows are just adorable, what kids wouldn’t love these sitting on their bed? You can purchase the very inexpensive sewing pattern from Sew Fearless.



  • #12 ~ Every child loves building forts, this  DIY Fort kit shared by Bits of Everything would be the perfect easy DIY gift idea for any child.



  • #14 ~Make some Mason Jar candles, not only do they get the homemade candle but they get a mason jar to keep as well. From Something Turquoise.


  • #15 ~ Make some cute heating pads to warm hands after spending time out in the cold or keep them hidden in your pocket, idea from Modern Mrs. Darcy.


  • #16 ~ Make a scarf for someone special to keep them toasty warm during the winter season, step by step directions can be found at Make and Takes.





  • #20 ~ The Frugal girls shares a super easy idea for any of the kids on your Christmas gift list or for Birthday gifts for kids. A mason jar filled with the ingredients to make Play Dough with a themed cookie cutter.



  • #22 ~ Amy, from The Idea Room shared this memorable gift idea for family pictures. The perfect gift idea for parents or grandparents.



  • #24 ~ Make some crockpot cinnamon almonds, fill a mason jar up with the almonds, and decorate the jar. It would be a delicious gift idea for neighbors, friends at church, family, and more.


  • #25 ~ Make a DIY decorated canvas bag. Even though we don’t have little ones anymore we still carry a bag with us when we go out and we use it for the farmers market each week as well.


  • #26 ~ What kids wouldn’t love to get this science kit for a gift? Jenae at I Can Teach My Child even shares printable to go along with the kit.


  • #27 ~ Make cookies as a family and then fill up a spaghetti noodle container for a delicious homemade gift idea.




  • #30 ~ Have a little girl who enjoys playing with dolls to get something for a birthday or Christmas? This DIY doll bunkbed is just the perfect DIY gift idea.


  • #31 ~ A DIY Soccer goal, from I Can Teach My Child. Not only is it a cheap goal to make for kids, but it’s even sturdier which is something we have to look at when bringing things into our house with 5 boys.




  • #34 ~ These DIY Father’s Day gift ideas my kids made one year for Father’s Day would be a perfect gift for kids to make for a gift idea for their parents, grandparents, or teachers.


  • #35 ~ The Infarrantly Creative site always has some wonderful ideas, just like this adorable idea of a really sturdy Hot Wheels race track idea. It would be super easy to make yourself, and hold up to many years of use!


  • #36 ~ Make a beautiful art display for someone with this easy to make decorations from Dysfunctional Designs.



  • #38 ~ Make an engraved pan for someone who loves to bake/cook. It is a great and memorable gift idea, glass pans hold up for many years!!


  • #39 ~ Make a huge photo collage using your favorite pictures. This would be a great way to spice up any wall. From Bits of Everything.





  • #43 ~ Make some DIY fabric headbands that will hold up much better then the ones you find in the store and can be personalized to your choice of fabric.




  • #46 ~ Make some DIY Scrabble coasters, a fun and decorative to add to any home decor. The tutorial can be found over at Gourmet Gab.


  • #47 ~ These cute photo magnets would be a great way to personalize any fridge or magnet board, and are super easy to make. Head over to and find out how to make your own.






  • #52 ~ Use this idea to make a homemade basket with a paper plate to fill with homemade cookies for neighbors, friends, church families, and more.


  • #53 ~ This manicure set is an adorable gift idea.


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All of these gift ideas and more can be found on my DIY Gift ideas Pinterest board.

Thank you for sharing!!



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