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Paul Bunyan

We spent 2 weeks learning about Aesop’s Fables and really enjoyed this. After we finished our Fables we spent a week learning about Paul Bunyan, during this time we learned 5 different tall tales about him. Both of the boys thought these tall tales were very funny. Paul Bunyan also spent time in Michigan, and there are a few different statues here in Michigan, which the boys though was really neat.

One day, our theme was Paul Bunyan and the flapjacks, the boys used the recipe card from Mother Goose time and made flapjacks for everyone for lunch, of course they were both pretty proud of themselves for this. They also made their own mini pans to be able to flip pretend flapjacks, bacon and eggs.

bunyan bunyan bunyan MGT September-4 bunyan

We also learned about Paul Bunyan and the frozen flames which included fire safety topics.

As you can see in this picture our dining room table is covered in LEGO creations, this is a never ending battle in our house. I have the boys take care of them, they bring them back out to play with them within hours. Between that and all of the papers that collect here during the week, our table is regularly a mess.MGT September-6 MGT September-7 MGT September-9 MGT September-10

Unfortunately the hats weren’t big enough to fit on either of the boys heads, so we used them for our stuffed animals instead¬† ūüėČ ! bunyan

That day the boys learned some fire safety things, like where to meet up if a fire were to break out in the house. We also looked over pictures of the fire fighters in their full gear we seen at the Public Works Open House, and talked about what they¬†look like in their full gear and that we shouldn’t be scared of them they are there to help, in the event of a fire. After learning fire safety the boys made fire fighter hats.

MGT September-12

Ou reading book for the month was Babe and the Blue Ox, both of the boys were able to read the whole story by the end of the month.

MGT-August-30 MGT-August-31 MGT-August-32 MGT-August-33

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