Peace, Manners, and Line Art

We have really been enjoying our first week so far using the New Child Montessori manuals. I got the manuals and the supplement in the mail the other day, and I have been busy reading through them and working on getting things set up for the next couple weeks. I am following the Fall manuals for our daily work, and taking the “themed” work from January of the Winter manual. I am not planning on getting everything accomplished the first year, but splitting it up over the next 2 years, and studying more in depth in any areas that are enjoyable for the kids. Here are some of the things we have been busy doing the last few days.
Sponging Water: The kids sponge water from the big bowl into the smaller bowl, then pour the water back into the big bowl, and wipe up any spills (using the towel not on the tray yet.)
Carefully wait for the last drop.
Montessori-Practical-Life   Montessori-Practical-Life
Spooning Beans: Spoon beans from one bowl to the other. I added 2 different spoons because the smaller spoon was very frustrating for Ethan to use. The scoop has made the activity enjoyable for the little boys as well.
All the kids loved the little spoon, because it has a colored tumbled rock on the handle and is very pretty!
Ethan attempting the little spoon, but only able to pick up a few at a time.
And the scoop, making things much easier for him.
Sweeping Beans: The kids pour the beans on the tray, use the little sweeper to sweep the beans into the rectangle, sweep into the dustpan and pour back onto container.
Gabe loves to help sweep, so this was something he enjoyed doing and it was excellent practice for him, he wasn’t able to sweep and hold the dustpan at the same time yet, so I held the dustpan for him and he did great.


  Latches Board: This one is always a favorite with all the younger kids.
Puzzles: Ethan is loving puzzles right now. This was a set of puzzles he got for Christmas, it has 4 different puzzles under the lid, and on the back they are coded with a shape so it is easy to figure out what pieces go with which puzzle.

Cody cutting out his reading flash cards. That cutter is one of my best investments, it saves so much time cutting things for school!
Reading: This week we have been reading books about how to behave, peace, feelings, and winter. Here are some of the books I have read out loud to the kids so far this week.
Art: For art today the kids used a ruler to fill their page with lines, and then colored it in. If I held the ruler for Ethan he was very exited to be drawing straight lines, but only colored a few of the empty spaces in and was bored with it.
Dustin proudly showing off his “masterpiece”
A final picture of how they all turned out. The kids decided they wanted to laminate them when they were finished and then we will hang them in the classroom.

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