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I know that it has been a while since our last Upper Peninsula Michigan Vacation post. But life has been busy, and I am needing to remember the warmer weather since last week we had temperatures that were -20’F with the wind chill our average high right now would be 38’F, it has been one of those winters, I wish would just end… So here is the next installment of our vacation back in August.

The pictured rocks is a hidden piece of heaven in the northern part of Michigan’s upper peninsula. The Shoreline is a 15 miles long and is filled with colorful sandstone cliffs, sand dunes and beaches, waterfalls, lakes and more. As I’m sure you can imagine the possibilities are endless for outdoor adventures in this area and there is fun around all year round!

We spent our last day on our trip exploring just a couple of the most beautiful places in Michigan I have ever seen. Really the Pictured Rocks lakeshore you could spend days exploring, next time I will be planning for us to spend a few days along the shore because there was so much more we wanted to see. We ended up having only part of a day to explore the lakeshore because we had a 4 1/2 hour drive home when we were done.

This is what you see no matter where you drive in the upper peninsula trees, trees, and more trees it is just beautiful. There is no cell phone coverage so it is a quiet break from everyday life in God’s beautiful wilderness. From where we were staying at the Halfway Lake Resort (an amazing place for families to stay) in Newberry, MI it was about an hour drive. The resort was centrally located to many of the great things to find in the Upper Peninsula Michigan which was perfect for us.


The first stop at the Pictured Rocks National shoreline was Miner’s Castle. Of course by this time the kids were ready to get out and get some energy out, and pose for pictures for mom to 😉

Image 2



P1080224 (1)

This is the view from the viewing platform at Miners Castle, we all got a good look and a few pictures and I had the kids move away… You see standing up over 200ft really made me realize just how scared of heights I am!! It is along the edge of a very high rock cliff that is a straight drop down even though it was very nice that they had clear glass along the fencing (so the kids wouldn’t have to climb on the fence to see) I still was very uncomfortable. The view though was just amazing, the water below is so crystal clear you can actually see the fish swimming in the water.

Just a few very interesting tidbits about Lake Superior that the kids and I found very interesting.

  • Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes there is about 3-quadrillion tons of water.
  • Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake by surface area in the world!
  • Lake Superior supports a unique ecosystem that is typically found in northern arctic regions.
  • Lake superiors water is COLD the average temperatures are about 40’F, but it is crystal clear and you can see about 8 feet down in the water.
  • Lake Superior is the deepest of all of the great lakes and is an average of 500 feet deep.


Here is a view of some of the cliff below the viewing area, like I said a huge drop down a rocky cliff.  Miners-Castle

While we were standing there a bald eagle flew about 2 feet over our heads and then landed in a nearby tree it was pretty amazing. 

This is Grand Island which is across from the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline



They have a trail to the top of Miners Castle, here some close ups.




The park has lots of picnic tables, and trails to explore nature. We decided to eat our lunch before heading over to Chapel Falls.


P1080237 (2)

P1080238 (1)

Our past Upper Peninsula Michigan Vacation Posts.

You can read about the wonderful private resort we stayed at. My kids spent many hours out on the boats fishing on the private lake we will be staying there again anytime we visit the Upper Peninsula!!

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  1. What stunning photos of a very beautiful coastline, and great photos of your children having a lovely time together exploring some interesting areas. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family vacation with Country Kids.


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