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Thank you for your interest in Mama Of Many Blessings! I am Nicole a homeschool mom to 6 blessings, we have interests in many different products as we have children ages 14, 13, 11, 9, 4, 3 and we homeschool all the children.We enjoy reviewing homeschool curriculum, hands on learning materials/programs, books, toys, home & personal items, local West Michigan businesses & shows, and more!  On my blog I post about reviews and I also post about parenting, homeschooling, money saving ideas, recipes, hands on learning, Montessori, West Michigan and more. For all review questions please contact me at

Product Reviews:
I do not charge a fees for reviews, I only ask that a full size product is provided to us to keep in return for the review. All reviews will be completed within 30 days of receiving the product to give us enough time to use the product and give an honest opinion, unless something else is worked out with me in advance. If there is certain information, pictures, links, etc you would like included in the review please let me know. In the review I will give a detailed description of the product, how it was used in our house, an honest review of what we thought of the product/program, and links to your site, Facebook, Twitter page etc. I will also include pictures of the product, and pictures of my children using the product. I do suggest that you provide my readers with a discount code or a giveaway as I have found that this is the best way to provide maximum exposure to your product.

Product Reviews with Giveaways
When adding a giveaway to a review you will get everything stated above, in addition to the following free of charge. For giveaways I ask that you send a product to us, I also ask that you send the product to the winner after the giveaway, I will provide you with contact information of the winner. Entries into the giveaway will have a mandatory entry of following your blog or Facebook page which ever you prefer and is a wonderful way to get customers to check out your products! I will share the giveaway on all social media and also link up to giveaway sites providing your product with maximum exposure to many. Giveaways will last for 2 weeks unless discussed with me in advance, and the winner will be randomly chosen using generator.

I link up to different Linky Parties that gets lots of exposure to my blog posts and giveaways, bringing in over 25,000 monthly page views, I also share all giveaways on all social media which as of 11/2012 includes ~ 243 Facebook followers, 344 Twitter Followers, 1,126 Pinterest followers, and 189 followers on Google +.

I selected to be part of the TOS Crew in 6/2012 and again for the 2013 year. The TOS Crew is a large group of bloggers who reviews homeschool curriculum and products for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Working with this team has taught me many things and given me a lot of experience working with different companies and writing reviews, as well as introducing me to some wonderful bloggers!

Contact me at: for any questions or if you think your product is one we might enjoy.

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