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Montessori Practical Life Tools For Kids

So I debated purchasing something to be able to hang the kids cleaning supplies from, but I ended up finding something even better.  This is where we used to hang the 2 little boys coats and diaper bags, and it was always a mess.  Well it was just perfect for the kids cleaning tools!!  The kids know right where to find things and where to put them back. Since we got the wringer mop and the bucket to go with it, I have had someone each day beg to mop a floor, how can I deny that lol!!
This is the little water container I bought, and it has been a huge hit.  It has to be filled every day.  I just leave a stack of cups out, the kids come in and take one and fill up their own cups.  It has really been helpful for Ethan independently getting his own drinks without flooding the sink, and when the kids have friends over to.  The older kids just think its cool!!
Kids size mop and brooms set of 6 Montessori-N-Such
Mop Bucket Montessori-N-Such

Thank you for sharing!!



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