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Practical Life Ideas ~ Woodworking

Ethan has been into tools lately, he watches Jake build and fix things and wants to try to help. He has sanded wood a lot last summer when Jake was building the kids beds and I was working on all DIY Montessori Materials. So I figured it was a perfect time to introduce him to something a little harder… Some practical life skills ~ woodworking
We started with a piece of wood, but unless I started the hole he wasn’t able to drill a hole into it himself yet.
 Next we used a scrap of dry wall and he had a lot easier time drilling into that.. I didn’t get any pictures but, I ended up getting a cardboard box out, and he was able to do that very independently because it was so much easier for kim! He now goes into the boys tool box and pulls the drill out and finds a box and tells me he wants to use his drill. His drive to build things amazes me, and the Montessori practical life ideas is wonderful are teaching him these skills.

I also worked with Anthony and Dustin on how to properly use a saw, they took turns using the saw for a while and the Drill to when Ethan was done.

Doing practical life ideas in our home is something that is important, with 8 people everyone needs to help.
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Thank you for sharing!!



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